Shedding your way to the top

Destroy the new.

Embrace the old.

Because the new is wrong. The old way had it right.

Am I the only Euro-skeptic out there these days?

You’d think so from all the conversations I’ve had about the “Brexit” this past week.

The panic and doomsday mentalities are overblown, uninformed, and misguided.

Since when is the shedding of a needless layer of government the end of the world?

People should be celebrating that a great nation has reclaimed sovereignty over its own affairs rather than give it all up to a socialist bureaucracy controlled by others.

Look, I’ve watched the spread of socialism all my life.

I’ve always been attuned to it.

And it’s always bothered me deeply.

Because socialism is the opposite of what actually causes people to be successful.

Because socialism is the opposite of what creates wealth for all levels of people.

Because socialism is the opposite of what makes human beings capable of awesomeness.

It’s nothing but a way of controlling people, stealing from them to give to others, and botching up the natural order of what creates fair advancement, achievement, wealth, and success.

Yet so many have embraced socialism the past few years.

Because it is disguised as “fairness” and “justice” it slips past many peoples’ radar.

And worse, other people actually believe in this disguise, as they fear what proper competition would do to them personally because they think they’d lose.

And so they’d rather guarantee a fake win.

And they’d rather guarantee a mediocre existence.

That’s a loser mentality.

That’s a needy mentality.

That’s not the mentality that inspires people to achieve greatness.

What does then?


Competition brings out the best in people.

It forces you to do your best, and to be your best.

Not sit around waiting for your handout.

And when everyone is independently doing their best, everything gets better.

Yes, I know many in the UK are panicking at the current drop in value of their currency. It will recover. And it will be stronger without the drowning weight of the EU strapped to it.

A friend told me it’s easy for me to say all this because my assets aren’t denominated in Pounds Sterling.

That’s right, they’re not.

And that’s actually why I don’t participate in the stock market either.

I don’t want to park my money into something that I have zero true control over.

Something that can disappear overnight when I’m on holiday and not constantly watching.

Something that can get destroyed by a shift in political policy or regulation.

I’d rather keep my assets in Real Estate as it isn’t prone to these flaws.

People always need housing.

And real estate values don’t plummet overnight.

Any movements are nice and slow and can be calculated and managed.

I like slow.

Slow is good in this case.

Am I alone in my real estate market?


There’s competition.

And that’s what makes it valuable, exciting, challenging, and yes, rewarding.

Because I have to learn how to be the best I can be so that I win and keep my business nimble and successful.

And when everyone does that too, the market functions correctly.

It advances the successful.

And the unsuccessful move into different segments until they find what is truly right for them.

So what’s it gonna be for you?

Master of your own destiny?

Or a slave to a destructive ideology?

When you choose to take control you will open up a whole world of possibilities.

The way forward is here:

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