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Wanting to skip the parts you “already know”

When you think you already have some real estate training, you may be apt to think you can skip parts of a system that you finally decide to follow.

But with a good real estate system — a complete system — you can’t skip anything, as you don’t know what you are missing and how it all layers into, and ties into, what you need to know.

This is the problem when you try to study too many different systems rather than just choosing one and focusing in like a laser on it.

So many times, when you jump between multiple systems you only wind up achieving the parts that are actually in conflict between the systems.

Then you do nothing but spin your wheels.

Or worse, you lose money.

It’s just Murphy’s Law.

And it is going to happen if it hasn’t already.

So, what to do?

Find a real estate system that you are comfortable with and that you can see yourself doing.

Then focus on that system, and only that system.

Erase what you’ve already been taught and what you think you already know.

Filter out the noise.

Avoid the distraction.

Ignore all the others.

Once you do this, you’ll finally get traction and stop spinning your wheels.

It takes focus to start doing profitable real estate deals.

Is my real estate system the right system for you?

It is Simple, Structured, and Step-by-Step.

But it isn’t for everyone. (And I can’t take everyone either).

We are almost at our full student roster again. Since my program is highly personalized and custom-tailored to you, I limit how many students I work with at a time. Combined with the current excellent market conditions for creative investing, NOW is the best time to join my program.

Take a closer look:

Then apply for a Strategy Session if you qualify. We’ll get to know each other first, and then we’ll see if you are a fit for my real estate mentoring program.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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