Virtual wholesaling gurus are creating a lot of confusion

One of my students complained to me:
“Tom, these virtual wholesaling gurus are creating a lot of confusion. I think they need to study your material.”

It was when discussing some random & flaky “deals” he kept getting pitched from what were nothing more than glorified birddogs.

Yes, the virtual wholesaling gurus are creating a lot of confusion.

That nails it.

They sold people something promising it’d be “easy” and now have people thinking that all they need to do is push ahead with junk “leads” and they’ll magically make money from doing nothing but being in the middle of the transaction.


It doesn’t work that way.

You need to qualify motivated sellers to be sure they are actually… MOTIVATED.

You need to get good at finding them.

Good at negotiating with them.

Good at getting them to say ‘yes’ and signing your contract.

Unless they are doing that, they are fooling themselves. (And probably wasted good amounts of the green stuff on a ‘system’ that doesn’t really work.)

What advice did I give to my student?

“Push back hard on all of them. Tell them what you want and expect, and how much work needs to be done by them before passing a “deal” on to you, and that otherwise you aren’t interested. Tell them what types of leads you want and what state you expect them to be in. If they are then still willing, then fine. But if not, then get rid of them as they will just be time-sucks.”

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