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Using garlic to slay the vampires

You’ll get a kick out of this story…

A couple weeks ago I went to NYC with a buddy.

At dinner one night we were at a typical Manhattan SoHo type of place.

Lots of glittering and glamorous people.

All beautiful.

With tables packed so close together you could hear everyone’s conversation around you.

The conversation at the table next to us was a bit on the strange side…

The girl claimed to be a vampire!

Me thinks she’s been watching too many movies lately…

She tried to convince the guy she was with that some scientist proved that people can indeed be vampires, even if they don’t suck your blood.

They can be “energy vampires” and suck you dry of your energy, she claimed.

Then the fella she was with commented dryly, “Sounds like relationships”.


Guess he’s had a tough run lately.

And now he’s with some chick claiming to be a vampire.

Guess he really knows how to pick ’em…


Don’t believe in vampires?

Vampires are REAL alright.

But you’re most likely to meet them in the form of “Time Vampires”.

Namely, people who suck all the time in your day away.

Depriving you of precious hours to do what you actually want to be doing, not what someone else always drags you into.

Like people who constantly interrupt you by phoning you with every little question in their stream of consciousness (rather than waiting until they have a couple of questions to ask at once).

Or like people who give you mind-numbing tasks that actually accomplish very little that’s productive or measurable, but it makes them feel superior.

Or (my personal favorite) people who refuse to think something through for a minute before they start, and therefore they wind up wasting your time with “do-overs” as you have to not only do it right finally, but you have to unwind their mess in the process. More precious time gone to waste.

All things that kill time.

YOUR precious time.

Face it, we’re mortals. Therefore the most valuable thing we have is time.

But we don’t know how much of it we actually have.

The meter can expire at any time.

So it’s best to maximize every moment and not let it go to waste on frivolous B.S.

Then you’ll be in the cat-bird seat and living high on the hog.

Others will be jealous of your entrepreneurial lifestyle of freedom, choices, and options.

You just have to know what to do and how to do it.


I have an entire newsletter coming out on how to do this all correctly, efficiently, and effectively.

It’s called the “Automated Entrepreneur”.

Think of it as lifestyle and technology training for the business and independent minded.

It will revolutionize your workflow and recapture the time you need to live your dream lifestyle.

It’ll be like garlic to repel the time vampires.

Wear a clove of protection around your neck here:

Tom Zeeb
The Automated Entrepreneur

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