Uncovering hidden marketing leads from the internet


It’s the part of the real estate business that mystifies most people.

Confuses them.

And keeps them from succeeding.

Where do you start?

* Postcards?
* Letters?
* Internet Ads?
* Something else entirely?

It is indeed confusing.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The problem is that most people don’t start with any solid marketing systems, much less a plan to get them to their goals.


They don’t have a system for making it simple and straightforward.

(And you just can’t try to reverse engineer what someone successful appears to be doing, because you can’t actually see the strategy in play or know what the results actually are, so you waste more time and lose more money trying to imitate.)

Remember, marketing isn’t about babbling-on pointlessly all over Facebook or other social media and wasting your time throughout the day.

It’s about leveraging the many platforms that are out there on the internet, but leveraging them in ways you never thought of.

It’s about knowing how to uncover the many hidden lead sources out there.


And WHAT exactly?

Duncan Wierman is doing a step-by-step real estate marketing training to teach you everything TOMORROW Saturday January 21st.

You’ll love this training workshop.

And you’ll learn a simple and straightforward way of leveraging the power of the internet to get real estate deals.

TOPIC: “Internet Marketing for Real Estate Investors!” PLUS – Maximize your rentals using AirBNB!
SPEAKER: Duncan Wierman

Saturday January 21st at the Sheraton Tysons Corner.
Register now at:

Tom Zeeb
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