Unacceptably Italian

Let me tell you another story…

When I first met the late, great, master tax strategist Al Aiello, we didn’t actually get along.

He found me very stubborn.

Which he blamed on me being only half-Italian, as my other half is German. (Don’t mention the War…)

I was also very pointed in all my questioning of him, which came across as doubtful.

But to everything I challenged, he would cite a specific part of the tax code for me to look up.

Which I did.

And Al was always right.

So I learned a thing or two. Thousand.

One time when he came to speak for me at Traction REIA, one of our members asked me this:

“Tom, Al Aiello is a bit schmaltzy for my tastes. Using words like “Super-Duper” or “Platinum-Gold” (does that combo of metals even really exist?) to describe his systems is just over the top, don’t you think?”

My answer was simply:
“He’s Italian.”

And being half-Italian myself, I can tell you that we like to be lavish in our descriptions of things.

Just look at our architecture.

And our food.

And our fashion.

It’s all lavish.

(and it’s all quite good!)

So I’d just let it roll.

Because what matters most is that the information is solid.

That you can implement it in your business now.

Save money from using it.

And protect yourself and your family by using it.

Besides, I used to tease him about being so gratuitously Italian.

Was he unacceptably Italian?

Heck no.

It’s just the way he was.

Six weeks before he died, Al Aiello and I had lunch at his favorite Italian restaurant in South Philadelphia.

We ate.

We drank good wine.

We laughed.

We talked about our love for our families.

And our plans for the future.

He teased me, as usual, about only being half Italian.

The restaurant owner came by the table to say hello, as did most of the staff, as Al was a regular. It was a classic scene from a classic Italian restaurant.

When I left, we shook hands, and said “arrivederci”.

There was no way to know it would be the last time…

I learned a lot from Al about how to run my real estate business. Over the years his systems have saved me a TON of money.

They still do.

And they still can for you too.

That’s why I released the “lost” recording of a never-before-released training we did together called:

“Double your wholesale profits by avoiding the IRS ‘dealer drain'”

In it we teach:
1. Why the trap occurs and why you should avoid it.
2. How to be sure to use the right entity (so you don’t get screwed by using the wrong one)
3. Stopping having your profits drained (saving up to 50% effectively doubling your profits)
4. How to defer or avoid capital gains taxes so you keep more of what you make.
5. The legal entity type that is best (and which should be avoided)
6. How to show the correct “Investment Intent”
7. To use or not to use separate entities for each property
And the list goes on…

What Al taught me on this recording has saved me thousands over the years.

Now it can do the same for you too.

But, you can only get it until Monday, for a mere $20, along with the rest of the bonus package, here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

P.S. — Here’s a list of what’s included in the rest of the package too.

Along with the Al Aiello audio training of “Double your wholesale profits by avoiding the IRS ‘dealer drain'” you’ll also get:

#1: “Online Marketing for High Profit Deals — How to find deals while staying home in your pajamas!” — an audio training I did with the Queen of Rehab Robyn Thompson.

#2: 3 back-issues of my no-longer-in-print “Automated Entrepreneur” newsletter which teaches you the techie side of how to run a business right.

#3: A legal contract I use to protect my interests when dealing with any outsiders, advisors, virtual assistants, or consultants.

All 4 for just $20.

Here’s where to go now:


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