[PHOTO] Tom Zeeb’s UFO Sighting

Take a look at these photos and
let me tell you a story…

It happened the moment we crossed the border.

Out of the nothingness of west Texas, and then up through the Guadalupe Mountains, we crossed the border into New Mexico heading north.

Almost immediately we had a very strange welcome to the state…

A cloud that looked just like…

a UFO.

I smiled at the appropriateness of the welcome to a state famous for just that.

Carolina and the kids all looked at it in wonder.

How cool.

How odd.

It was clearly just a cloud.

But it didn’t take much stretching of our imaginations to see it as something different.

I commented that if we take the photo, make it even more grainy than it already is, switch it to black & white, and put it in the Weekly World News, then it might qualify as a real sighting.

Which got me thinking about the things people will believe with such a low standard of “proof”.

Especially in real estate entrepreneurship.

* It won’t work in ‘this’ market because [insert lame excuse here] * I can’t do it right now because [insert lame excuse here] * It isn’t the right time because [insert lame excuse here] * I can’t do it because [insert lame excuse here] * Maybe it works for others, but it wouldn’t for me because [insert lame excuse here]

And the list of lame excuses goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on….

The way many people think, it’s almost as if their will to focus, get the work done, and succeed was abducted by aliens.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, it can, *and should*, be the total opposite.

But what’s missing doesn’t come from another galaxy, it actually comes from within.

Forget outer space.

Embrace INNER space.

Get your personal desire and drive focused on what needs to be done, and then go ye forth and…


This is one of the reasons I spend time in my trainings dealing with “mindset”.

Because when we get that right, other good things can start to flow.

Now, I’m not saying it’ll have the same results for you.

It probably won’t.

But this is what I do, and it’s been working well.

There’s only one way to know…

And that’s to try.

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