The case against jumping off the top of the building

Let me tell you a story.

It’s about my old job.

When the company was looking to move offices the major goal was to have a place where they could put the company name on the top of the building.

That was the goal.


Never mind that business wasn’t growing…

Or that our competition was massively surpassing us…

Or that I didn’t really see how we’d stay in business going forward…

All that seemed to matter was having our name in lights at the top of some building.

That was it.


I thought there were bigger things to worry about.

But the boss knew better.

After all, he went to business school.

I didn’t.

And I was a simpleton for not using “sophisticated math and accounting” like he was taught to.

But in my mind all that mattered was that it cost us more to operate than we were bringing in.

And that only took simple math to figure out.

Perhaps not a problem if there is some prospect of new clients or revenues on the horizon, but we didn’t have that.

So call me stupid, but consistently spending more than you earn is not a plan for success.

You have to have some hope of income to make deficit spending worth it.

And if you don’t have a system for increasing income, how long can that go on for?

And since we were a subsidiary of another company, how long before the parent company would just drop us faster than a prom dress?

I didn’t stick around to find out.

I left to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations.

Few believed in me at the time.

And certainly I took my share of bumps and bruises.

But I succeeded.

And started making serious moo-lah.

Guess I didn’t need that extra degree after all.

And the fate of my old employer?

The company no longer exists.

Bet they blame it on “the economy”.


Easier to blame that than oneself.

How does that explain that the competition is still in business and has grown?

Keep searching Sherlock.

Maybe you’ll find the real answer.

Or you’ll decide that you do indeed have what it takes to be in business for yourself.

That you are ready to go off on your own and finally make it happen.

You just need the right coach and the right system to follow.

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