The 3 time zones in a day

Last week I asked you for the one thing is stopping you the most from building (or expanding) the real estate business you want.

The responses that poured in were wide and varied, but there was a major theme that kept floating to the top.

And what was that theme?

Survey says:
***Not having enough time in the day!***

Yup, good ole time management is most likely to throw you for a loop.

So, let me let you in on how I manage my time.

Do this for yourself and you’ll handle your daze better.

(Or did I mean “days”…)

In my life there are 3 time zones in each day.


Let me explain…

I split my day into 3 sections or zones.

Each of these zones is either a work or play session for me.

#1: Morning Zone (10am to 2pm)

I hate waking up. I’m not a morning guy. So usually an hour or so is spent slowing getting up and eating breakfast.

I start to wake up around 9am, and by 10am I start to knock out all my calls and/or face-to-face appointments.

Stuff that has to be done during proper business hours.

#2: Afternoon Zone: (2pm to 8pm)

Personal time with my wife & son.

I pick my boy up from school, go to the park, fly a kite, play games, explore a museum, and eat ice cream.

Then dinner, tubby time, and a bedtime story.

#3: Night Owl Zone: (8pm to 3am)

My most focused time of day.

I get EVERYTHING done at night.

From 10pm to 2am is prime, but the 2 hours either side of that are pretty productive as well if needed.

Since this is my most focused time, I get insane amounts of work done.

I can do the work of 3 men during each and every nighttime hour since I’m buzzing with energy and focus.

With 3x output because I’m so hyper-focused, I don’t waste this time.

It is FAR too valuable to me.

So I treasure it.

Now, maybe you aren’t a night owl.

Perhaps you are more of a morning lark.

That’s fine, then adjust your schedule accordingly and make YOUR “prime time” work best for you.

That’s what’s key.

It isn’t the nighttime hours themselves, it is the fact that those hours are best for me personally.

Jet lagged just from this discussion and all my “time zones”?

No worries, I’ll break it all down further for you.

I set up a program called “Traction ControlĀ® — The 4-wheel drive program for real estate professionals”.

It is designed to keep you accountable.

Keep you on-track.

And keep you FOCUSED.

How does it do all of this?

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors