This is what limits your success today

People have asked me, so I’ll tell you.

One of the biggest issues I have coaching people is getting them to think big.

I mean really BIG.

When I ask what they want to have in the future, they always tell me what they *think* they can have, which is loosely based on what they have today plus a little bit more.

But that type of thinking doesn’t really help you.

What I’m really asking is for you to dream big, Big, BIG — and tell me what you really want to be and what you really want to have in the future if ANYTHING were possible.

Don’t worry about the HOW, just tell me the WHAT.

Because once you know the *what*, then you can figure out the *how*.

That’s how you really figure out what you need to do.

You work backward from your goal.

And that’s why I always push you to start with the end in mind.

Otherwise you’ll stay stuck because you are only thinking of the future based on today’s limitations.

But today’s limitations don’t need to keep holding you back.

The results you get today are a reflection of the way you’ve been thinking.

Therefore, to create bigger results, you must think differently.

Your success is only limited by what you are NOT willing to do.

Chew on that for a while…

Got it?


Keep developing the thought, because often it takes time to fully accept.

And even longer to work on and deploy.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors