The wolf did come.

Want to create uproar?

And at the same time get compliments?

1. Have a strong opinion,
2. Voice it,
3. Stick to it.

That’s what my “2016 Predictions” email did last week ( )

“I totally agree with all your prediction. We will see.” — Yamilee D.

“I agree with you 100% except in regard to America rebounding. Unfortunately the effects of bad decisions and bad policies can take several years to recover from. I’m not saying that America will not rebound but I do not believe it will be in 2016 or even this decade for that matter. Just my 2 cents” — Josh O.

“I was on the fence. I’m voting for Trump.” — Dave R.
(TOM: I’m assuming that isn’t in jest… 🙂 )

“Tom – You’re 100% spot on!” — Patricia D.

“#1: You’re probably right. #3: Love this!” — Jessica S.

“Thanks Tomadamus, you conservatives amaze me with you ability to state the obvious after the fact. BTW, when Trump loses by the largest margins in recent times, I will be sure to remind you of how great this businessman (one who started on third base and struck out three times) was at politics.” — James G.


It’s unfortunate, but I wrote my emails last week in advance and had them all pre-queued for sending. So when another new terrorist event hit, it made my message seem like a reaction rather than a prediction.

But I stand by it as a prediction, as I’m quite sure yet more attacks will happen.

What was sad was how the media tried to write it off as something that it clearly wasn’t.

It wasn’t workplace violence.

And it certainly wasn’t a fault of lack of gun control (in California?) — (What would have prevented the pipe bombs he was keeping at home for future use? Those are illegal too. Guess the law doesn’t prevent it from occurring…)

One the most maddening things about history is that it repeats itself.

Ideology and wishful thinking are stronger than common sense and history, so most people continue to just keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again.


Yes, there always seems to be a lone voice or two who see what is currently happening for what it actually is.

But these people get written off as “crying wolf”.

Even though the wolf did eventually come.

You can’t deny that.

All the appeasement in the world won’t stop it.

It never has throughout history.

And it won’t now.

What’s this got to do with your real estate business?


Because when the proverbial hits the fan and everything goes haywire you need to know how to both thrive and survive on your own.

“Safe and secure” jobs may not be there.

“Government security” may not be there.

“Normalcy” may not be there.

But if you know how to adapt to the circumstances on the ground, and how to provide what people need when they need it, you’ll be able to keep going and keep yourself and your family safe.

And since housing is a basic human need, I think it’s a good business to be in.

No matter what happens.

Be prepared.

The skills, techniques, and frameworks I teach you are adaptable to any circumstance. That’s why learning them now will prepare you for whatever happens going forward.

It’s an important piece of mind.

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