The Tao of Tom

Says a successful Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp student:

“Weird but I think in some messedup way my frame getting battered by 100+ NOVA people with them trying to manipulate/shame me so much and basically say I was a bad person for trying to make a profit, is the best thing that could have happened. It’s like a mental gym workout and now I’m less sore lol. This last deal really helped me because of all the investors biting in. Really learning to be neutral emotionally, and look out for myself. I didn’t get at first, but now I do! Feels good!”


Yes, grasshopper.

I call it the “Tao of Tom”.

Practice in the field toughens the skin.

But it can be dispiriting at first.

Which is why I spend so much time teaching you not just all the negotiation techniques to make great deals, but also how to go about the process of “toughening your skin” so you are ready to proceed to success and not get knocked down by the negative people you will come up against.

Yes, it can be brutal out there.

But properly trained you’re now ready for the fight.

You’ll know the way.

Negotiation is key.

And the mental strength to persevere.

Both of which I teach you to master at the Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp.

When you learn how to move motivated sellers from “no” to “Yes!”, you’ll move ahead with confidence.

(In all of life, not just real estate investing.)

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