The scum at the top

Just like pond scum, incompetence rises to the top.

Then it just sits there getting smelly and looking gross.


And unfortunate.

I hear many people complaining about the incompetence at the top.

This problem plagues many businesses and different facets of life.

But shouldn’t success rise to the top?

I think so.

But that’s the difference between the entrepreneurial world and the rest of the world.

Success rises.

Success shines.

Success thrives.

Success begets more success.


Because if an entrepreneur is to survive, then they need to succeed.

Yes, it’s that simple.

An entrepreneur actually has to swim up to the top.

They need to rise to the challenge.

There isn’t a safety net.

And there isn’t a false sense of security.

It’s do or die.

And since “doing” takes effort, you have to put some work in.

Incompetence thrives out there in the world because it is the opposite of success.

It just doesn’t take any effort.

It’s the easy way out.

Just skating through one’s life and going along to get along.

And it thrives on “taking advantage of the system” or just “putting your time in” as the main way forward.

The lesson?

If you want to truly succeed on your own, you have to swim to the top.

Learn how.

Face your fears.

Take a deep breath.

And then…

Just do it.

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