What’s the real risk?

What really is the risk to taking 1 day off?

Loss of pay?
Loss of a sick day?
Loss of a vacation day?

(All of which become moot points when you take my actions.)

Or is it something deeper?

It’s the loss of having the ultimate ongoing excuse.

Of always being able to say that life never gave you that break you “deserved”.

It’s the loss of being able to hide behind the bullcrap you’ve sold yourself.

And it’s that loss of protective cover that really scares you.

Be honest.

Rather than trying and failing, and then getting back up again to carry on,

You’re calling yourself a loser in advance of the fight.

And therefore, in that case, yes, you are a loser.

Nasty to say?


But also true.

Sorry cupcake.

Go run to your safe-place if you have to.

Lots of progress you’ll make there…

Or decide enough is enough and now is finally the time to test your mettle.

Waiting hasn’t gotten you anywhere so far.

Worst comes to worse, you can stay in the soul-crushing job you hate.

Now at least you will recognize that’s it’s a choice you actively made. And that you at least tried the other option.

Or take the risk, take the extra day off, and make things happen.

It’s 3 days NEXT WEEK that will change everything for you.

Only the strong need apply:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors