The problem with whoresaling (yep, that’s what I said)

I see a ton of people out there just trying to sell anything & everything, rather than focusing on quality deals.

I call it “whoresaling”.

Because instead of taking the time and effort to do it right, some “wholesaler” investors just throw anything out there.

You see it when you get their deal announcement emails:

— The numbers don’t really add up.

— The real-life inspection turns out much worse than the photographs.

— The same property “deal” has already been announced on multiple other wholesalers’ lists, so you aren’t even sure who actually has the thing under primary contract.

— Or, the same property keeps popping up again and again, as their buyers always seem to “fall through” and the “deal” is once again back on the market.

All are easily avoidable.

Because, yes, there’s a right way, and a not-so-right way of wholesaling.

You just need to learn how to do it all correctly and properly from the start.

I have the perfect place:
Attend my 1-day Rapid Cash Generator Workshop on Saturday September 12th ONLINE using Zoom.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

PS — If you register BEFORE 11:59pm tonight (Mon Sept 7), I’m releasing a set of three (3) never previously publicly released audio trainings.

Here’s what’s taught on them:

* Conversations to recruit attorneys/referral partners
* Exactly what to say to talk to people about what you do as a RE wholesaler
* Techniques to use at the Post Office to develop leadflow
* How to talk to people
* Screening sellers effectively
* Determining when to do a dog & pony vs when to be just social
* What to always be doing with everyone you meet.
* How to get over your nervousness talking to people
* The plan to stick to in order to succeed in real estate investing
* The right way to get the practice you need

* Coating yourself (and your emotions) in Teflon
* How to manage multiple balls in the air simultaneously
* Improving your attitude
* The secret to putting — and keeping — your mind at ease
* Intelligent task management
* Staying in “your power”
* Identifying your genius
* Systematizing your routines
* Outsourcing intelligently & affordably
* What to outsource vs what to keep (and why & how to know)
* Getting solid on the monthly/weekly/daily things to do
* Proactively looking head vs reactively looking backwards
* The major categories to focus on to build your business right
* How to rank yourself (and then improve as needed)
* Removing overwhelm from your plate

* The time of year to get more consistent
* How to be consistent
* The broken record of being focused
* Eliminating the #1 complaint people have
* Nailing time management correctly
* Avoiding the entrepreneurs’ curse
* Becoming your own chain of command
* How to get discipline from internal instead of external sources
* Avoiding the problem of personal accountability
* Setting your commitments correctly

Powerful — and valuable — bonuses. But only if you get your ticket BEFORE Monday Sept 7th at 11:59pm.

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