The problem with “scale” to “millions”

[photo above] Look at my achievement chart for student keychains.

Notice what’s missing.

Got it?

Yup, the $1 million mark.


Because my achievement chart is practical and reachable, not whimsical & pie-in-the-sky.

Because I actually find the old “I want a million” line a bit shallow.

Because it’s massively overdone.

And it isn’t even what people *really* want.

I guess it sounds good on the surface, but when I ask people “what do you want to achieve and WHY?” they often put down they want a million bucks.

But when I ask WHY, they don’t have an answer.

I have to dig-and-dig to get the various layers of the onion to peel off so that we get down to what they are really after.

It isn’t the money. (surprised?)

It’s the freedom.


But here’s the “secret”…
The amount you personally need for Total Freedom is different for each and every person. And it ain’t a million bucks.

We all have different lifestyles,
Lifestyle goals,
Family situations,
car payments,
and on and on.

So each of our “freedom numbers” is going to be different.

Sure, you could be lazy and just say you want a million bucks.

But being lazy setting a goal, and setting a goal with zero meaning to you, means you are extremely UNLIKELY to actually achieve it.

So if you want to stick to that “scale to $1 million” goal, keep snickering like Dr Evil from Austin Powers.

But if you want to get real, and get focused on a goal that you can actually achieve and  that will give you Total Freedom, then let’s talk more.

Because my plan is to bring you into my system, and then start working you up my keychain achievement scale.

Once at the top, you can do what my other students at the top do…

* Whatever they want.
* Whenever they want.
* Wherever they want
* And with whomever they want.

That’s true freedom.


And it isn’t based on a false stereotypical pie-in-da-sky number.

It’s based on you.

The REAL you.

That’s the difference in how I train you.

TOTAL FREEDOM comes from getting TOTAL TRACTION in your real estate investing business.

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