the Preppers guide to the coming market shift

You’ll probably think I’m crazy for saying this.

(But you probably already think I’m cuckoo for sending you as many emails as I do, so here goes…)

Things are changing.

Mostly not for the better.

Some of us think things might get really bad.

So we prepare.

Thus the term “prepper”.

We stockpile things that are valuable and may be hard to get, like food.

Yes, I might be proven to be wrong. But I’ll have plenty of food, batteries, and other supplies if I’m right.

If I’m wrong, then I just have a bunch of things I don’t really need, which is like most people’s garages & basements anyway.

I view it as better to be prepared than caught off guard with much more than my pants down.

What do these changes and upheavals do to our real estate business?


As a creative real estate investor, things actually get BETTER for us as the so-called real estate market gets worse.


Think about it.

When the market is hot, Hot, HOT! like it has been in most places, and the media can’t stop drooling over how hot, Hot, HOT! and how unbelievably FAST everything is selling, then motivated sellers know they can simply list their property with and agent and there is a pretty good chance it’ll move fast.

But when the market takes a dive, and suddenly an agent needs to do more than just list a property on the MLS to get it to sell, things aren’t so rosy.

They suddenly NEED creative real estate investors like you and me.

And if interest rates continue to skyrocket and prospective homeowners get less and less house for their buck and can’t easily get financing anymore, then they’ll need the type of investor who can put together a creative solution for they can solve the property problem they now find themselves with.

So yes, I’m actually excited for the coming changes.

Because I’m prepped & ready for them.

* My focused marketing will get an even better response rate
* My sharp STACK of negotiation skills will get even better deals
* My solid contracts and well-oiled systems will keep my business secure and moving ahead seamlessly.

Preparing pays off.

Disagree with me if you like.

And do with this info as you please.

Some people probably needed to hear it. And to know they aren’t alone.

Either way, if you want to learn core skills that will be valuable no matter what happens in the real estate market — or the entire world — then check out my Total Traction program:


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