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The postman always rings twice

Let’s empty out the mailbag…

Some great feedback arrived on the Automated Entrepreneur newsletter.

Hi Tom,
I thought your newsletter was just going to be tech training. But it covers so much more.
I find I’m loving it all. It shows me not just how to live, but how to live well.
And the best part is that your strategies don’t break the bank. I can afford to implement them.
See you in a fun location somewhere in the world!
Thank you,

That’s 100% right.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.

That’s why I share my best tips with you.

They are developed from my years in the field and they are all battle-tested and actually used by me.

Put them into action and you’ll be free to travel anywhere and any time you want, and your business won’t miss a beat.

Mr. Zeeb,
Oddly, I was surprised you do your Automated Entrepreneur newsletter in print.
It annoyed me at first, but I signed up anyway. I actually enjoy receiving it and sitting down to read it.
It’s old school, and I never thought I’d be saying this, but I actually think it’s nicer.
Keep it coming.

I know everyone thinks they should be able to get everything on their tablet these days and read it on the fly.

But that doesn’t make it better for you.

Some of the best things in life still need to be unwrapped physically.

I’m glad you anticipate it’s arrival each month and look forward to tearing it open.

That’s all part of the excitement (and the reason you’ll actually implement it).

Enjoy it.

And enjoy life.

The May issue goes to the printer tomorrow, so this is your last chance.

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Tom Zeeb
The Automated Entrepreneur

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