Lay off the politics

This message rolled in after some of my recent emails:

“Wow! You harshly criticized the President and the Pope in the same week. I thought you teach REAL ESTATE. So lay off the politics! You got way too political.”


Ah foolish one. Wake up and smell the cappuccino.

It’s all related.

Politics, business, real estate, entrepreneurship, etc.

They all affect each other.

They are all intertwined.

That’s why it matters.

And that’s why I write about it.

Because it affects the very heart of your business.

You simply cannot escape politics.

The views you have affect every aspect of your life and business.

And since that applies to everybody, you also need to be aware of the political views of others so that you know where they are coming from and whether anything they say can be *trusted* or is even the least bit *accurate*.

Yes, it’s that important.

So don’t avoid it (since you can’t anyway).

Instead learn about it.

Learn how it affects you.

Learn why who you vote for matters.

And learn why you have to choose a leader based on more than just superficial reasons.

Because it matters.

It will affect your business.

And that in turn affects you and your family.

So yes, I’d say it’s QUITE important.

If you see the writing on the wall (and are not afraid to admit it) then it is time to build your own business and get the control you need to prepare for the uncertain future.

Being in direct control of your time and finances is the only way to insure that you can tackle whatever is coming down the pike.

I can help you if:
1. You are seriously ready to go off on your own and build a thriving business from scratch. Or,
2. You already have a business, but it isn’t performing at the level you need it to. And,
3. You want to add $100K to your income in the next 12 months.

If this is you, you are serious about being successful, and you are looking to invest in a coach and mentor to make you successful, then apply for a Strategy Session with me here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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