The pick-up technique I use on my own family

It’s called “bouncing”.

The idea is to change venues a few times in a fairly short timespan so that someone feels like they’ve had multiple experiences with you and therefore have known you for longer than they actually have. (making a score more likely, if you haven’t figured out the point Casanova…)

I use it on family trips to make them seem even longer than they actually are.

You can make a week feel like a month if you keep packing in each day with an ever-changing cavalcade of exciting locations, adventures, meals, and hotel changes. My kids are amazed at how long it feels like we’re away when on vacation.

Why tell you this?

Because I do it in business too.

Here’s just a few examples…

Think about it, if I can accelerate the relationship with a motivated seller, then they are more likely to sign my contract and not shop around.


With my newbie students, I have them make a series of calls and repeat the process multiple times so that they have more experience in a shorter amount of time than they thought possible.


When I’m marketing to motivated sellers, I pay attention to how many times I repeat the contact touchpoint, and how I change it slightly each time so that it feels like they’ve known me longer.

Very powerful stuff when done right.

And something most people don’t think about, much less teach.

Do with this information as you please.

It might just get you more of what you want.

If you want to build (or re-build) a real estate investing business to do rehabs, rentals or wholesales, then let’s iron out your plan and get you the clarity needed to proceed.

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