The Only Way Flipping Will Ever “Die”

As you put your costume on this week and watch all the ghosts, ghouls, and un-dead creatures wandering around getting a sugar fix, think about this:

Like a zombie, flipping houses will never “die”.

It seems not a day goes by anymore when some know-it-all (usually some not-really-very-bright guru or an equally oblivious news media reporter) proudly proclaims that flipping is “dead.”

They may be doing this for shock effect…

Or because they are simply devoid of ideas and see everyone else using a “death of” theme in their headlines and subject lines.

(Or because they actually are simply dumb and really believe flipping wholesale is dead.)

Whatever the case, I think it’s ridiculous and it’s high-time to put this rumor to rest.

Flipping isn’t dead.

It ain’t going anywhere any time soon.

Yes, the word itself had been kicked around and now has a tarnished reputation.

Too many people think of “illegal flipping” when they hear the word “flipping”.

But what was illegal was not the “flipping” itself, rather it was the fraud committed, or the false appraisals, or something else similarly sinister.

If you find a property and properly put it under contract, you can then sell (“flip”) your position for a wholesale fee.

That’s just the way contract law works, my fine-feathered friend.

You’re managing a project, marketing to find the deal, negotiating it with the seller, and then facilitating the transaction with a rehabber or landlord who is ready to take the project on.

You’re a true middle-man.

And there isn’t anything wrong with that.

Even if flipping did “die”, so what?

The steps you’ve been taking to flip will sharpen (like a stake!) your other real estate investing skills (marketing, negotiating, inspecting properties, project management, etc).

Skills that you need in all other aspects of the real estate business (like rehabbing, landlording, note buying, etc.)

So you win either way, Dracula.

But, it’s not going anywhere.

So don’t even fret about it.

Flipping supposedly “dies” all the time.

But until it’s been staked, beheaded, and its mouth stuffed with garlic it’ll just keep coming back…

So go forth and profit from flipping properties wholesale.

It’s simple to learn.

And you can get Traction fast.

As long as you have the right teacher.

Learn how it’s done right in my Rapid Cash Generator Kit or 3-day Implementation Bootcamp.



Happy Halloween!

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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