The genius of insanity

“Tom, your too optimistic” she told me.

“Can’t you tell things are tanking?”

“You’re insane to think you can succeed in the current market.”

It was the usual baseless fear you hear people espousing.

But no, this wasn’t recently.

It was back in 2005.

And the real estate market had “crashed”.

People stopped going to REIA meetings and stopped thinking the real estate dream was possible.

But not me.

I actually saw nothing but opportunity ahead.

I knew my best days were still yet to come.

And I didn’t hide my enthusiasm for it.

How could I be so confident?

Because I knew I would work hard and do whatever it would take to succeed.

I knew it was up to me.

And only me.

So while everyone else was sulking in disappointment that making money wouldn’t be “easy” anymore, I buckled down and got on with building a thriving business.

You can do the same too.

You just need a system that is simple, structured, and step-by-step.

Then you’ll be ready for whatever may come in the future.

Once you have the plan, you’ll clearly see the path.

That’s where my Rapid Cash Generator system comes in. It shows you how to confidently build a profitable real estate business no matter what the current market conditions.

It shows you a path that is Simple, Structured, and Step-by-Step, including:

* Marketing systems, templates, and techniques to become an electro-magnet for motivated sellers,
* How to know if a lead has any potential as a deal or if it’s just a waste of time,
* How to negotiate luke-warm leads into red-hot deals,
* How to control each point of the deal so it actually closes rather than have it fall apart,
* How to smoke out the weasels who will kill your deals if you don’t nab them first,
* And lots more.

It’s been used by many rising stars to get Traction, make a name for themselves, and find the best┬ádeals in their markets for making solid profits (see them all here: ).

It’s helping people go from spinning their wheels to doing profitable deals.

And it can help you, too.

Even if some people will think you’re insane.

Because when you look back, you’ll smile knowing it was a genius move.

Ready Einstein?

Join me at my 1-Day Rapid Cash Generator MasterClass on Sunday April 30th. It’s the perfect way to get started or get re-focused and energized.

Head on over to:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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