The day I stopped arguing with the police

Let me tell you a story.

I started arguing with the State Trooper.

Yes, I had sped up, well past the speed limit, but I hadn’t liked the way the car towing a crappy looking trailer ahead of me had started to sway & shake. So I blew by him quickly as my family is safer with it behind me.

I also blew by a cop in the process.


I told the officer that.

His response was that I should have slowed down and followed the troublesome vehicle, keeping an eye on it while I called the police and waited for them to come and save the day.

I started to tell him that’s ABSURD.

Why would I put my 2 kids and wife at risk by staying behind a trailer that’s ready to break free of its towing car and then cause a giant crash and pile up?

Then I realized a basic truth.

That no matter what, I can’t outmatch his “power frame”.

“Frames” are a basic part of all negotiations, and I know that very well, as I teach it to all my students.

Certain frames just cannot be broken.

And it isn’t worth fighting it head-on, as you’re guaranteed to lose.

You have to use a different method.

But I almost lost my own “frame control” as I dealt with a much more powerful frame.

Then I remembered my training.

And quickly changed my tack.

“You’re right officer. I should have called it in. I’m sorry.”

He berated me for another minute or so, and I just let him unwind, keeping my mouth shut.

Then he handed me my license back and told me to slow down.

No ticket.

No worries.

We both feel like we won:
— He got his point across.
— I got out of a ticket.

And I smiled at how much money, time, and hassle knowing how to negotiate properly has saved me over the years.

In real estate.

In business.

And yes, in traffic tickets.

It can do the same for you. You just need to learn the basic principles and techniques. It’s one of the things my students over the years consistently rate as the best thing they’ve learned from me.

I’ll be teaching you my “big 6” negotiation techniques at my upcoming Workshop.

Learn all 6 and about “holding your frame” here:
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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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