The case against shiny new objects

Let me tell you a story.

When I was a kid, personal computers were starting to get popular.

But I never had one.

Because my dad always said it wasn’t the right time as a new model was “coming out soon”.

But isn’t that always the case with technology?

Especially these days, it only takes a few weeks for the most current model you just bought to become “old” if not flat-out obsolete.

But if you are always waiting for the next big thing, then you’ll never do anything.

And you won’t get the benefits of using it now.

In fact, the current model will continue to serve you well going forward, even if there is a newer and shinier one available next week.

It’s about taking what’s available now and putting it into action.

Using it to the max.

And getting real results.

It’s the same in business and real estate investing.

You can always make the excuse that the next big thing is just around the corner, therefore you want to wait for the time to be “right” before starting.

Seems prudent on the surface,

But then you’ll never actually take any action.

You’ll just be sitting around waiting for the “perfect” time.

And perfect doesn’t really exist. (Sorry to break it to you…)

So enough already!

What have you been wanting to do but haven’t?

What excuses are you letting get in your way?

Time to cut through all the nonsense and just take action.

Ask yourself this:
If you were at the end of your life, would you look back and regret not having done it?

Would you feel like you missed out on your chance to hit it big?

Well, you still have time.

You aren’t at the end of your life, so don’t waste any more time.

Go out and make it happen.

Take the plunge.

Yes it might be scary, but that’s the thrill of being alive.

That’s the adventure of life.

And the exhilarating part of being an entrepreneur.

Otherwise you’re just going through the motions and marking time.

And what’s the point of that?

You have a purpose.

One I’m sure you’re passionate about.

So identify it.

And then relentlessly pursue it.

You’ll be thrilled that you did.

Want to learn how to make heads-or-tails of all the technology and systems available for entrepreneurs today?

And how to turn it all into a profitable business that will fund a lifestyle full of options and choices?

There’s an entire art and science to building a business like this, but it isn’t talked about much out there because so few people are actually doing it and living it.

But I am.

And in the upcoming issue of my “Automated Entrepreneur” newsletter, I’ll be talking about this very topic. As well as showing you all the right pieces to the technology and systems puzzle.

The next issue goes to the printer this week.

Get in while you still can:

Tom Zeeb
The Automated Entrepreneur

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