The benefits of prepping for the big hurricane

NOTE: I was going to send this out during the storm, but internet got very spotty, then died.


We’re coming up on the middle of the hurricane here in Sarasota Florida.

(guess that’s the occasional price of living in paradise…)

I’m stuck indoors as the high-winds and storm-surge on the water have our house in a no-go evacuation zone.

The past couple days have actually been great, as neighbor has been helping neighbor get ready for the biggest storm in over 100 years.

Putting up storm shutters, moving anything that isn’t firmly in the ground, securing boats & jet skis, trading food, sharing information, and just generally battening the hatches.

It’s like the good ol’ days when people used to actually help their fellow neighbors out.

So, in honor of that, I’m going to do a very special “Hurricane Bonus Bundle”.

It’s an insanely great value bonus available for just the next few days.

Take a look at everything that’s included in the only $20 offer here:


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