The Art of 0% Seller Financed Deals

$0 Down Deals & 100% Seller Financed Deals are VERY powerful.

VERY powerful indeed.

Not having to get bank financing greatly increases not only the ease and ability of you doing a deal, but it ramps up your profits as well.

Is this possible for you?

Yes it sounds odd, but nearly one-third (33%) of U.S. homeowners actually have NO MORTGAGE. (according to Zillow and a bunch of other news sources.)

Think about that.

They are *able* to sell to you on “terms”.

Now think about the opportunity that presents for you.

*IF* you learn what to do.

You’ll learn how at:
“Creative Financing with a Twist: How to Buy 0% Seller Financed Deals” Training MasterClass

Saturday September 16th at the Sheraton Tysons Corner.

Full details here:

See you there!
Tom Zeeb

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