The 8 Great Principles to live by

Every now and then you come across something that is a true game changer.

It speaks to you just the right way.

And you implement without hesitation.

Then, from that point forward, everything is different.

That’s what the principles, concepts, and techniques in my old Automated Entrepreneur newsletter have done for me.

And they can do it for you as well.

That’s why I’m including 3 issues in the insanely-great-value bonus package I’m selling until Monday.

These issues previously sold for $97 each.

But you can get them all for a mere $20 spot until Monday (along with 3 other different & valuable bonuses too).

What do I talk about in these Automated Entrepreneur newsletter issues?

Glad you asked.

Check out these apples:

* A revealing discussion of the 8 Great Principles that you need to live by to be an Automated Entrepreneur. (Ready to break free and work from anywhere on earth at any time of the day or night? Then these are the principles you need to follow.)

* The crucial lesson I learned from old Humphrey Bogart detective movies that still applies to business today. (In fact, because it is so often missing is WHY so many businesses fail.)

* How to profit from morons who waste your time (and there’s no lack of those in the world)

* The simple, but overlooked, structure needed to keep yourself organized.

* A “stealth” way to NOT work throughout the day, but make it LOOK like you are… (This little-known technique is easily done, fools everyone (including your clients or boss), and gives you the EXTRA time you need to live well.)

* Exactly what equipment you need to operate from anywhere.  (And it all fits into a very small bag. This comes straight from my experience traveling and working from more than 100 countries.)

* Exactly what software to have on your computer so that you can  1.) Keep business going effortlessly from anywhere in the world,  2.) Stay in perfect sync with your team, and  3.) Never lose or misplace an important document.

* Why most entrepreneurial businesses end up being a TRAP for the owner rather than creating a LIFESTYLE of freedom, options, and choices. (And how to be sure you don’t fall into this same trap.)

* What the French know about maintaining work/life balance that most other people don’t. (And how to use this secret from the froggy land of wine and cheese right away no matter where you live — and no matter what you think of the French!)

* The essential lessons none other than Winston Churchill taught me about how to properly build a business. (Not to be taken lightly, as he used these very same principles to win the Second World War! I’ve gotten many of my best and most enduring concepts from this great man.)

* Exactly how to setup your workspace for maximum productivity and comfort.  (Much of the so-called conventional wisdom is just wrong on this.)

* 8 examples of how to turn ordinary, “mundane” tasks into simple automated protocols. (If it can be done by a machine — or even if it needs minimal human intervention — I’ve automated the tasks of my business that used to eat up tons of my time.  Learn how to do this, and you can free yourself from almost ANY part of your business — especially the parts you hate.)

* How to reach out and strike from anywhere no matter where you are… without running up an absurd phone bill. (In fact, do it the way I show you, and people will be surprised to find out that you had even left town!)

* The “un secksy” equipment choice that often gets poo-pooed, but keeps working when the latest and greatest devices don’t. (Just for kicks, I once used this to keep a bunch of other real estate entrepreneurs’ businesses running for a week… they thanked me, and I proved my point about equipment needing to support a lifestyle, not just be cool and popular.)

* The secret of your kitchen “junk drawer” and how it applies to your daily workflow. (Don’t worry, we all hate that drawer in our house, but you’ll actually LIKE it when you do this — and even welcome using it more.)

* And a whole bunch more…

It’s all jammed-packed into the 3 issues of my Automated Entrepreneur newsletter that are included in the bonus package for just $20.

What else is included?

#1: The ‘lost’ recording of “Double your wholesale profits by avoiding the IRS ‘dealer drain'”. A terrific audio training I did with master tax strategist Al Aiello just before he passed away.

#2: “Online Marketing for High Profit Deals — How to find deals while staying home in your pajamas!” — an audio training I did with the Queen of Rehab Robyn Thompson.

#3: A legal contract I use to protect my interests when dealing with any outsiders, advisors, virtual assistants, or consultants.

This offer expires tomorrow at midnight.

But today you can get it all for just $20:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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