Teaching my son right

I let my older son see me do business.

I bring him to houses I rehab, to our rentals during inspection, and to wholesale deal settlements because I want him to see that people can be — and need to be — productive.

And then I show him what that productivity allows us to do:
* Fun stuff.
* Adventures.
* Toys.
* Free time.
* Charity.

None of which would be possible if I wasn’t productive.

It isn’t work in the sense of a job.

It’s work in the sense of a business.

An entrepreneurial business.

And that’s something fewer and fewer people get to see these days.

School teaches us only how to get a good job.

How to work 9 to 5.

How to be dependent on someone else for a paycheck.

Not how to be free.

Not how to build an awesome business.

And not how to have that awesome business fund an awesome lifestyle.

I’m passionate about this point.

So that’s why I teach him my way.

That’s why I show him things I know.

And that’s why I teach you these things at my Rapid Cash Generation Implementation Bootcamp.

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Tom Zeeb
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