Real Estate Investors

Are you sick & tired of…

  • Taxes eating up your income?
  • The increased chances of an expensive IRS audit?
  • Not having the right entities to protect you?
  • Wrong costly advice?

Did you know …

  • That real estate offers by far the greatest number of money-saving tax gems, more than any other vehicle!
  • That you can legally pay little or no taxes even with a large amount of income!!
  • But most CPA’s cannot help you; they know little about the incredible strategies that empower you to put a lot more cash in your pocket !!!

There is a SOLUTION …

The Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investors

Easy-to-use software system that will dramatically increase
your cash flow with the absolute best
tax-saving secrets in the country!

By: Al Aiello, CPA, MS Taxation, RE Investor & Bill Noll, CPA & Tax Attorney

The Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investors

The new Renaissance Goldmine leaves no stone
unturned and covers the full gamut of real estate tax-saving strategies…

> Use the right entities that save you the most taxes; is audited least by IRS; best protects you from lawsuits, with the least cost & complexity. Save thousands! BEWARE of Nevada rip-off’s!!

> How beginning investors can deduct RE education, travel, other expenses, even if they have not yet closed on an investment property

> Keep the IRS out of your life with the most POWERFUL Audit-Proofing Strategies that reduce or even eliminate your chances of an audit (despite their increase). Save not just taxes, but also costly penalties, compound interest, high legal fees (Thousands!) – plus your valuable time (Priceless!)

> Avoid the 80% of inept CPA’s who give wrong costly advice, expose you to audits and charge high fees. How to find the good ones or do without one; save hundreds or more from overpaying in fees

> Double and triple depreciation deductions with Al’s dynamic componentizing (cost segregation) system, including little-known legal techniques to fully deduct real property components all in one year for big savings, without expending any cash, without IRS exposure. (This alone will enable you to pocket $1,000’s!)

<span >“Al, your component depreciation method saved me almost $20,000 dollars in income taxes that year. It helped me financially having four girls in College at the same time.”Angelo D. Guerra, Broker/Owner, ERA Platinum Realtors, Conshohocken, PA.

> Legally transform capital improvements into fully deductible repairs for huge savings, without IRS red flags…with Al’s proven strategies

> Avoid IRS disallowing interest deductions on your rental properties. These are little-known, costly traps for the investor…without the Renaissance Goldmine

> Reap more overlooked deductions that will generate additional yearly savings, including how & where to safely claim such deductions

> Fully deduct property tax losses against your other income, with no limits, regardless of your income (even if over $150,000); regardless of the loss (even if over $25,000), even if you have a full time job. (Most CPA’s screw this one up, costing you thousands)

> Fully deduct tax losses for any number of consecutive years (beyond 3) by completely sidestepping the IRS 3-out-5 year “hobby loss” limitations

> Discover rehab tax credits for improving historic or older properties, with such credits reducing your taxes dollar-for-dollar in your wallet, while increasing the value of the property. (Most CPA’s are clueless about this bonanza)

<span >
“Al, what I great feeling to get a $190,000 rehab credit. It was like the government writing me a check for $190,000! Thank you so much”…Bob Diamond, Attorney and National Speaker, Phila. PA.

>More dollar-for-dollar low income housing credits to offset cash flow = tax-free income

> How to get these tax saving dollars now in your packet so you can have immediate use of the savings, instead of having to wait until next April 15th or later

> How not to waste deductions. With these techniques is that you “bank” your deductions for future years (when needed), instead of losing them forever!

>How to never pay taxes when you sell property, even if profits are huge!

> Totally AVOID being a Dealer and prevent 50+% of your resale profits from being drained by all kinds of taxes. Like NO other resource, the Renaissance Goldmine contains over 30 proven strategies (including a little-known Supreme Court Case) to eliminate the costly impact of being a dealer, even with a large amount of flips.

Also – how to undue being a dealer. These strategies alone can cut your taxes by 50% or more!

“My former CPA had documented (my tax returns) and portrayed my entrepreneurial endeavors as a dealer to the IRS and not that of a Real Estate Investor costing me several thousand dollars, and imminent amount of time required to correct the situation. If I had your system at the time, all this time and money expended would have been avoided! But glad I have it now!! ”… Craig M. Epps, Liberty Township, Ohio 45044

> Avoid Depreciation Recapture even with large depreciation deductions, continue to bank thousands!

> Use the powerful 1031 Tax-Free Exchange to zero out taxes on the sale of properties and accumulate wealth; including using 1031’s for quick flips (you legally can, if you know the tax law with planning).
How to bypass exchange deadlines and not rush into a bad deal

> Seller Financing Tax-Saving Strategies…Save $1,000’s both as a buyer or seller!

> Tax-saving strategies when buying and selling “Paper”

> Use Lease-Options to generate hidden tax savings, including a powerful combination with a 1031 tax-free exchange

> How to buy and sell Straight Options TAX-FREE, avoid any IRS traps, and you keep 100% of the profits!

> Employ Master Leases for huge tax-free wealth with little-known money-saving strategies… including how one of Al’s students accumulated over $4,000,000, TAX-FREE, in their IRA! (Don’t even bother to ask your CPA about this one!)

> The incredible Self-Directed IRA for totally tax-free real estate transactions, including how to take out tax-free and penalty free cash out of an IRA. Avoid costly self-dealing penalties.

  • How your IRA can lend to buyers of your properties so you can cash out with no banks and even combine with a 1031 exchange ! (This is an incredible money-saving bonanza no one is teaching!!)

> Other great ways to reduce or eliminate taxes on property sales

> Avoid or reduce paying AMT (alternative minimum tax), a real tax nemesis without the Renaissance Goldmine


< > “Al, because of your Goldmine we got an unexpected refund of $14,000 from deductions that we used to offset against our W-2 income and took us out of AMT. For next year we can drastically cut our withholding and increase our cash flow by about a $1,000.00 a month. Thanks” …Bob O’Brien, RPO Properties, LLC, Austin, Tx.

> 30+ Dynamic Year-End Strategies before December 31 for the current year (even at the 11th hour), most CPA’s never even think of recommending.

> MUCH MORE…to save you money!


The Hundreds of Strategies in This System Are Fully Backed-Up by an Arsenal of Tax Law Cites and Decades of Precedent In Understandable Language


“Al, Your NEW RENAISSANCE GOLDMINE – you truly are a Genius and a Visionary!!! …Thanks, Jim Turk” <>

The Renaissance Goldmine
Special Offer


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PLUS, the Renaissance Goldmine Tax Reduction & Audit Proofing Forms16 Specially Designed Forms…

Forms To Substantially Maximize Depreciation Deductions Via Cost Segregation Analysis Double and triple your depreciation deductions without laying out cash and save $1,000’s every year!

Forms To Maximize Repair Deductions: Put huge savings in your pocket by legally writing-off large capital improvements as fully deductible repairs


Also Save $1,000’s in Consulting Fees! With these forms you do NOT need to hire a cost segregation consultant who would charge $5,000 to $10,000 or more and still not be as thorough as AL’s system!

Forms To Bypass Passive Loss Limits So You Can Fully Deduct Unlimited Property Tax Losses Against Your Other Income

Forms To Reduce Or Eliminate Your Chances Of An IRS Audit –
Will save you taxes, penalties, interest, legal fees, plus the time and aggravation of an audit.

Forms To Avoid Being A Dealer – Save tens of thousands!

Forms For Other Tax-Saving Strategies.

For ease-of-use, there are both blank and sample filled-in formats with step-by-step instructions.


These forms are NOT available anywhere else… including tax preparation software programs. Nowhere… but here!


Dear Mr. Aiello: I must congratulate you on a comprehensive set of brilliant tax strategies for real estate investors… it is indeed a Renaissance Goldmine. Thanks for a wonderful system. Sincerely, Ralph Solomon, VIP Code:RRS7955


Listen, Learn & Save with 15 Audio CD’s

  • With complete tracking by sub–topics cross referencing to the Action Plans
  • In a separate set for your home or car CD-player
  • Also downloadable to your iPOD or MP3 players
  • With Al, you will be cracking up (while you are saving a bundle)!


Cynthia Gordon Picture

“I am a CPA (haha) and real estate investor and I agree with everything you say about CPA’s and taxes. I never knew most of what you are covering in these CD’s. You are going to save me a bundle in taxes”… Cynthia Gordon-Nicks, CPA, Nicks Real Estate Investing, LLC;


“The Goldmine is the most comprehensive well put together real estate course I have seen. It has saved me over $4500.00 this tax year already. I’d say that’s a good return on my money. Better then even my best real estate deals. You really break it down so the average guy can understand and sort it out. Al, I can’t thank you enough”…John Zangari, Investor, Coral Springs, FL


Renaissance Goldmine VIP Customer Support

Exclusive for Al’s students only, you get excellent and highly dependable backup VIP support as follows…


VIP BENEFIT:Email Q&A Access Directly to AL for Your RE Tax Questions – responded by Al with prompt expert results – save $1,000’s not just in taxes, but also legal & accounting fees!

Annual Value


Access to A Network Of Experts In Their Fields – Top difficult-to-find CPA’s, attorneys, 1031 specialists, IRS specialists, many more. Save time and money! $900
Access For Your Tax Advisor’s Use On Your BehalfYou can share Al’s program with your advisors including the email Q&A access to Al (Under a Special Licensing Agreement). You also get to test their competency.
Constant Course Update With No Upgrading Necessary –Your Lifetime Real Estate Tax-Reduction Library– Yes, you will always be updated under this program with no need to upgrade to a new edition.


First 9 months – FREE


$6,300 VALUE


“I am so impressed how quickly you respond. I am truly glad to be a student of yours and will recommend others to you. I feel I have used my money wisely. God Bless!” Melody (

“I’ve sent Albert several times with questions and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he responded….usually in less than 5 minutes. This service was worth the entire fee all by itself!!” —

Ed Carter, Investor, Atlanta, GA.



Free Expert Review of Your Last 3 Years’ Tax Returns For Potential Refunds of Past Paid Taxes

  • Like “found FREE money” you can reinvest
  • RE investors are ideal (and frequent) candidates for refunds of missed items
  • Up to 3 years of refunds and for missed depreciation, even beyond 3 years
  • While no guarantee, refunds can be substantial, even huge. Al has students with refunds as high as $82,000
  • Review is by a top CPA/Tax Specialist under the supervision of AL. Takes several hours.
  • Includes review of all your returns – individual, partnership, LLC, corporate
  • Totally confidential
  • Good for 2 years if you want to wait

$1,000 Value

FREE for the First 15 Buyers, Act NOW!


“Al, Thanks to the review finding an error in my taxes which I would have unnecessarily incurred an additional $4000 in tax liability which neither I nor my CPA caught. This is my best investment yet in guru type courses. I appreciate your staff so much.” …Reginald Rhoe


“Based on your tax strategies I was able to file amended tax returns for the prior 3 years and saved an additional $10,000 per year or $30,000. Thank you again “….Al Butler, Investor, Co-Founder of South Jersey Investor’s Association


The Renaissance Goldmine
Special Offer


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How The Renaissance Goldmine Software System Works
The Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investors

Quick & easy. Based on a quicker & easier Action Plan method as opposed to a cumbersome, time-consuming text-book approach.

There are 40 Action Plans that cover 40 major tax-saving topics specifically targeted for real estate investing… such as entity structuring, maximizing depreciation deductions, self-directed IRA’s and 37 more. Here is how the software works:

Master Action Plans (MAP’s). You put the CD-Rom software in your computer and where indicated click to the MAP or MAP’s (from 1 to 40) that interest you and this will take you to the particular MAP which is a quick 30 second overview of the particular tax topic, to save you time.

Specific Action Plans (SAP’s). If you want more info, from the MAP click to the Specific Action Plan (SAP) of the same tax-saving topic. The SAP’s further expand on the MAP’s with step-by-step, to-the-point strategies including supporting tax law cites for every Renaissance Goldmine strategy and the correct IRS forms required for a particular strategy (for you or your CPA. Wrong forms cause IRS problems!).

On-Line Text. If you (or your CPA) want even more in-depth coverage of the particular topic, from the SAP you click to the Renaissance Goldmine on-line text which is a back up reference when and if needed, containing 89 Chapters with 825 pages of exhaustive research of 1000’s of hours, all done for you, which you can share with your CPA. It is for reference only; it is not a cover-to-cover read.

Forms Appendix. The Action Plans also reference to the Forms Appendix clicking to the FORM. (These are Al’s specially designed Tax-Reduction Forms listed previously).

This learning\planning format is sequentially summarized:


Master Action Plans
References to…
Specific Action Plans
References to…
Forms Appendix
Text Chapters & Appendixes
Audio CD’s


It’s Click & Quick

“Dear Mr. Aiello: Your disks and software program are extremely well done and very comprehensible for learning such a difficult fearful subject. They are well worth the money and more as they have saved me so much. We thank you!”… Tony and Chris Palaia, NJ []


The Renaissance Goldmine
Special Offer


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Jeffrey Taylor Picture “I am personally thankful to Al Aiello. He saved my wife and I over sixty thousand dollars in taxes. I highly recommend you get his complete course” … Jeffrey Taylor,


Al Aiello Picture

About…Al Aiello, CPA, MS Taxation, Real Estate Investor

Al has been a real estate investor for over 25 years. He also got his real estate license and went on to broker millions of dollars of real estate. But he was tired of overpaying taxes on his deals, such taxes going out the window to the government and not legally in his pocket. Like you, he found out that there was (and still is) an overwhelming lack of real estate tax expertise. So he decided to do something about it…

  • Got his CPA (passed the first time)
  • Then a Masters in Taxation Degree (with highest honors)
  • Upon graduation he was hired as tax professor where he taught entire semesters on partnerships, corporations, and real estate taxation (a course that he suggested, created and developed)
  • Set up his own tax practice that specialized in real estate (He has since sold his practice)

Still a real investor, today Al is considered by many guru’s to be the number 1 speaker/expert on tax-saving strategies for real estate investors. With his home study systems, he has thousands of satisfied students across the country who use his powerful strategies to pay little or taxes, to IRS audit-proof their returns and to protect their assets. Al is also known to have high integrity; is professional, congenial and well-liked by his students and many others.


Ernie Kessler Picture “Al Aiello is Considered The Number One Speaker On Real Estate Tax Strategies in The Country”…. Ernie Kessler, Foreclosure Summit 


Louis Brown Picture “Al Aiello is a consummate professional who KNOWS HIS STUFF!!!!
I HIGHLY recommend that anyone serious about this business cannot afford to be without this expertise. It’s worth tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line!”…Sincerely, Louis “Lou” Brown, 30-year Investor; National Speaker


Jay Thompson Picture “The unthinkable happened. I received a notice of examination from the IRS for that tax year (before I purchased your course). I went back through my records and organized them in the manner suggested in your Goldmine. After a brief visit with the examiner, he said, “Everything is on order.” Result was “no change” on my tax record. Thanks Al!”….Jay Thompson, C. & J. Properties


“Al, I contacted a legal firm in Nevada who recommended some complex Nevada structure They wanted $4,060 for set up and $740 a year to maintain a ‘Nevada presence’. On the Friday before you arrived in town, they called for my credit card. I declined, waiting to hear from you and glad I did. Your Goldmine saved me almost $5,000 and from using the wrong structure. Thank-you and May God Bless you”… Gregory C. Brooks, 1305 Pennwood Ct., Schamburg, IL 60193, Chicago, ILL


“Al, you saved me taxes and greatly improved by cash flow by $14,000 annually. These results are not bad for my first year as a part-time RE investor.”...Robert Armstrong, Director of Tax, Louisville, KY


“I utilized your componentizing technique and the savings more than paid for the course.” — Owen Pollard


“Al, because of your system I was able to fully deduct my property losses, without limit, even though I am a full time air traffic controller. Saved $23,600 the first year”…Michael Massotto, LA


“AL Aiello is the best at 1031 exchanges”…. Dennis Cohen, Esquire, Head of Tax Department, Cozen & O’Connor,national law firm, Phila. PA.


“I have an older version of the Goldmine from years ago and it was great —but the new version is even better and the CD’s are great!”…David F. Stack, , Dayton, Ohio 45431,

National Speakers (Also Successful Investors) Who Use Al’s Systems:

Jeffrey Taylor, Than Merrill, Paul Esajian, Scott Scheel, Dave Lindal, Wright Thurston, Lou Brown, Bill Bronchek (Esq.), Wendy Patton, Peter Conti, Nick Sidotti, Mike Butler, And others


“Al, it’s the truth that of all the $30,000 that I’ve spent on other programs, your program is the only one where there was no wasted money spent on. Thanks again”, Ryan Gillespie


$2295 $1695 is a small tax-deductible investment compared to the
large returns you will get every year!


The Renaissance Goldmine
Special Offer


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Which Of These Costly Mistakes Are You Making With Your Taxes?



Hello! My name is Natasha. Like you I’m a real estate investor and have been for the last several years. Let me tell you, it has been a rickety misadventure of unnecessarily overpaying taxes, inept CPA’s and the infamous IRS.

I Had To Cough Up $9,000 Being Incorrectly Tagged As A Dealer!

So many beginners in flipping properties are given wrong advice like I got – being told to use a corporation and that I was a dealer. I ended up getting SOCKED with the highest amount of taxes, like $9,000 on my first deal! OUCH!! If I had I known then, I could have avoided being a dealer and used my self-directed Roth IRA to pay NO taxes (ever) on the profit. That would have been so…nice!

Then Arrives The IRS! $3,000 More Out The Window, That Could Have Been Avoided!!

Because I was ill advised, I unnecessarily used more audit prone IRS forms. (I know this because the IRS agent, herself, said they were). It cost me a total of $3,000 plus my valuable TIME and oh..the AGGRAVATION! I later learned through AL there are ways to audit proof your tax return where this nightmare could have been avoided.

$7,000 More I Had To Pay Because My CPA Did Not Know About A “Real Estate Professional”!

When my income exceeded $150,000 that one year, the accountant told me I could not take my property losses against my business income; they had to be carried forward until something happened in the future? The accountant (like most) simply did not know the legal techniques of how investors (even with full time jobs) can qualify as a “real estate professional” so we can claim these deductions against our other income with no limits. Not being able to deduct my property losses right way cost me over $7,000 in taxes. That hurt!

$20,000 More Down The Drain Not Being Advised To Do A 1031 Tax-Free Exchange!

I was hesitant to sell one of my properties because of the capital gain and recapture taxes of about $20,000. When I ask one of my former accountants about it, he said, “You are making a nice profit on the sale, just pay the taxes and get it over with”. It amazes me how such knuckleheads could easily tell you to pay for something you can legally avoid paying, and when it’s not their money!! Later I discovered, that a 1031 exchange could have avoided all taxes on the profit and saved me a lot of cash which I sure can use. Most CPA’s know little or nothing about 1031’s, despite being perfectly legal and saving investors a ton of money to the point where many become millionaires.

Bad CPA’s Can Cause You To Go Broke!

Successful real estate investors know they have to take money matters into their own hands. I know this because I learned the hard way having been through several accountants, costing me thousands of dollars in taxes, accounting & legal fees (for bad advice), all totaling over $40,000 all of which could have been avoided. If you allow your CPA to be in total charge of your money, you’re going to be broke!

What You Need To Know…

This does not mean you should not use a CPA; there are some very good ones. But while CPA’s know numbers, most do not know money and strategy. This is where you, the real estate entrepreneur, come into play. No one cares more about your money than YOU! So you need to have control of your family finances and be the quarterback of your success team (which could include a qualified CPA). You need to be EDUCATED! Not to be a tax advisor (unless you wanted to be), but more so to make sure you are not drained by taxes and audits, whether you do your own taxes or you use advisors (and if you do, you don’t get ripped off!)

I Feel Your Pain!!

If you have had similar experiences I totally empathize with you and feel your pain. If you have not gone though this, God Bless You. But you may, unless you get on the right smooth path, instead of the rocky road that I was on, as well as so many others.

There Is A SOLUTION !!!

Al Aiello’s Renaissance Goldmine.

Natasha Pizzarello

Normandy Beach, NJ 08739


AVOID the big expenses and hassles that Natasha (and many others) have gone through or will go through!

Let’s look at it this way, either way you are going to pay! So, you have 2 choices:

1. You can pay the IRS – Thousands.. every year!!!

Or….You can pay…

2. AL, a whole lot less, just once!

Your Investment In This Program Is Fully Tax Deductible! Al backs this with a Tax-Reduction Receipt For Payment which includes the tax law cites supporting the deduction, along with how & where to take the deduction on your tax return. With this deduction you start to save taxes, immediately!


Who should invest in the Goldmine? All real estate investors… Beginners, veterans, full time, part time, wholesalers, shortsalers, rehabbers, landlords, commercial, paper, etc.


Who should NOT? Those who want to…

  • Continue to overpay taxes
  • Get audited
  • Get sued
  • Get ripped-off by inept CPA’s
  • Don’t care about protecting their family!


PS: You are not going to get this information anywhere else – the top CPA firms, top law firms, the best universities, other speakers, NOwhere…but here!


“Al, I have purchased from just about all of the so called big name tax and asset protection speakers out there. I tell you their courses are not even close to yours. Thank you for saving me! ”… Muriel Thome, Fl


PPS: Remember, you get the entire Renaissance Goldmine Software System – The quick & easy Action Plans, the Comprehensive On-Line Downloadable Text, the Tax-Reduction & Audit Proofing Forms, the Transaction Plans, the VIP Customer Support (including direct email access to Al), the Free Expert Review of Your Past Tax Returns For Potential Refunds, limited to the first 15 buyers, so please act NOW…


The Renaissance Goldmine
Special Offer


So how can you go wrong? Please order now at the special price of only $2495 $1695, before it goes up!


“Your Goldmine Package is the deal of the century and I’m just beginning my Investor Career”… Shey Justice