Taking a 5th freedom flight

We were ticked off because the flight leaving the small Indonesian island was so absurdly late.

And late for no real reason other than inefficiency and lack of any real desire to run things on time.

But that’s adventure travel in a 3rd world country.

4 hours should have been enough layover to get the connection…

But now it wasn’t.

I had no time pressure, but my friend needed to be back in Singapore the next day for work.

* Internet on our phones wasn’t working
* There was no help at any airline desk anywhere.
* It was just the usual chaos of a small 3rd world airport.

So we did it the old fashioned way…

Upon finally landing at the bigger airport, we exited the gate area and went into the main terminal to see which airlines were functioning and might have the flights we needed.

Looking at the big board of flights, my buddy made the comment knowing I’d be curious:

“Ah, there’s a 5th freedom flight if we can get seats”

“5th freedom?” I asked taking the bait.

“Yes, the 5th freedom of the skies.”

The ability of an airline to pick up and alight passengers in a country that it isn’t from and that isn’t its starting or final destination.

Apparently there’s a whole list of “freedoms of the sky”.

But not all are accepted or followed by every country.

Why tell you this?

Because I think there should be the “Freedoms of the Entrepreneur”.

(Interestingly, that word is highly likely to trip the spam checkers, so who knows of you’re actually reading this…)

But here goes,

1st Freedom —
Work from anywhere. (Total location independence. Regular employees have gotten a taste of this the past couple years, and now they don’t want to go back to an office. Can’t blame ’em.)

2nd Freedom —
Paid for results, not time spent. (Unlike factory work where one needs to punch a clock, success should not be based on hours and time spent, but rather results, outcome, and output.)

3rd Freedom —
Work when you want, on your schedule. (Night Owl? Morning Lark? Doesn’t matter, just get it done whenever it suits you best.)

4th Freedom —
Getting more done with less effort and in less time.

5th Freedom —
Work with only the people you want to be doing business with. Drop the annoying jerks. (Talk about lifestyle improvement!)

I’m sure there’s more. But that’s a start.

And Yes, time, not money, is the entrepreneur’s status symbol.

Speaking of freedom, one of the keys to obtaining and insuring it, is to learn to become a solid negotiator.

It isn’t as scary as you may think.

It also isn’t as mysterious as many people try to make you think.

I view it like a giant set of Legos. Once you have them, you can build anything you want to suit whatever situation you are in.

That’s my Modular NegotiationTM approach.

You have a few great chances to learn it from me this month.

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