I’ve been accused of living too large.

Travelling too much.

Eating too well.

Spending too much time with my friends and family.


Is that really possible?

Is there a limit to how much of these is enough?


Not in my book.

“But Tom, not everyone can do that”.

I disagree.

I’d say it’s more accurate that “not everyone WILL”.

Because it’s a choice.

One you make every day, even if you aren’t conscious of it any more.

Yes, I admit to being extreme.

I guess it’s to efface the memory of being broke and to never return to being under the dark shadow of d3bt.

It was a choice I made.

And it’s a choice you make too.

So rather than resign yourself to the notorious purgatory of the 9-to-5 workplace machinery…

Bust out,

Break free,

And take control.


By focusing on your goals.

By building a lifestyle business that easily supports you.

And through persistence.

Persistence is the chief tool of our trade.

Any thread of slacking or doubt diminishes your value and is ultimately a threat to your lifestyle.

So don’t drop the ball on this.

Hang in there and be tenacious.

Need help?

That’s what my 1-Day “Wholesaling: The Rapid Cash Generator” Masterclass is all about.

It’ll show you how be successful in real estate wholesaling and give you a giant dose of business savvy and know-how.

Delivered in bite-sized easy-to-digest-and-implement lessons that you can immediately apply into your life and business so that you too can take refuge in good living.

The last one in the Greater DC area for 2018 is on Saturday September 8th.

So sign up now:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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