Becoming stronger than American steel

Let me tell you a story.

Nearly 20 years ago I had a difficult phone call from a client. (It was before I broke free from the rat race, so I still had a 9-to-5 job.)

This client was a steel factory.

And my contact there was a distinguished gentleman in his mid-50’s.

The factory wasn’t doing well.

American steel had been on the decline for many years.

* The equipment was out of date and expensive to run.
* The unions had absurd amounts of overlap, were anti-modernization, and maintained ridiculous demands for staffing levels and compensation.
* Other countries taxed our steel highly while they dumped theirs into the USA without reciprocal tariffs.
* Massive amounts of regulations made it very difficult and too expensive to run the business right, so we couldn’t be competitive.

And so the company went into bankruptcy. Destroying thousands of jobs.

At which point I had a difficult conversation with my contact there.

He told me how the demise of the company was going to hit him personally.

His pension wouldn’t be funded.

He wasn’t sure how he would now pay for his kids’ college degrees.

Or the mortgage.

Or all the other expenses.

The future “security” he always thought he’d have was no longer a reality.

He wasn’t sure what to do.

He had spent his entire working adult life at the steel factory.

“Tom, I don’t even have a resume, as I’ve never had to write one. May I ask your help putting one together and reviewing it?”

I did. But there were enough thoughts going through my own head as well.

I didn’t particularly like working a job.

Even when I got a raise it didn’t really put any more money into my pocket.

And I was drowning in $113,000 in d3bt from college, credit cards, living expenses, and absurdly gross mismanagement of my finances.

How was I going to pay all that off? (Without a gun or white powder…)

So seeing a glimpse of my potential future if I stayed on a career track through a job or a company just wasn’t looking very appealing either.

But I hadn’t yet figured the way out.

Why not?

Because I hadn’t been introduced to real estate wholesaling yet.

Once that happened, everything changed.

With wholesaling it was possible to bring in large amounts of the green stuff quickly.

(Once I stumbled through and figured out how to do it right.)

So I was able to break out of the rat race and avoid the same fate as my steel company client.

It wasn’t just the moolah from my own business that was nice.

It was the control.

And the total freedom.

Will you have to stumble through it all as well if you want to finally break free?


Not as much as I did.

Because part of my mission now is to help others do the same as I did.

But with a proper system that has everything I wished I’d had when I got started.

The methods, frameworks, targets, and techniques to make it work for you.

It’ll make your journey so much smoother.

If you’re ready to break free and prosper it can work for you.

Start with my 1-day Rapid Cash Generator Masterclass.

We’ll dig deep into how to Find the Deals, Make the Deals, and Get Paid.

You’ll understand the process.

You’ll know what it takes.

And you’ll have the roadmap to go forward.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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