Strengthening the weakness

“I love the materials for Rapid Cash Generation. I got my marketing ramped up with new bandit, magnet signs, new postcards and letter campaigns. Been studying the books and listening to the cds a lot. Working on the negotiation! I had no idea how weak I was in this department. Can’t wait for the boot camp Tom!”


That’s the thing about negotiation…

You don’t realize how weak you are at it until you learn the techniques.

Then you have a giant “a-ha” moment.

And it all comes together.

That’s when things really start to flow for you, because when you get negotiation right, you learn how to make deals.

You learn how to get motivated sellers from “no” to “Yes!”

That’s when you maximize your part of the deal too, because it is using my magnificent negotiation techniques that you determine how much you make.

That’s why it’s so important to learn.

And that’s why we’ll be devoting a lot of time to making deals through solid negotiation at my 3-Day Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp that starts this Friday.

I’m always reminded how shocked I am that they don’t teach negotiation in school, since it is key to running a successful real estate investing business (or any business for that matter…)

Yet they don’t teach it.

But I do.

And I teach it in a way that makes it easy, fun, and memorable.

A way that gets you up to full speed fast.

That way you can be maximizing everything.

I show you how step-by-step and move-by-move.

Strengthen your negotiation weakness here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors