The Stuff Message

It’s all about STUFF.

Is Self-Storage investing the fastest, easiest, and safest way to invest in commercial real estate?

Consider this:
* Your tenants aren’t really people, it’s just “stuff” (stuff doesn’t complain),
* These properties are EVERYWHERE (look around and you’ll see them, people everywhere have lots of extra stuff),
* These properties don’t have to be in the hottest parts of town (in fact, the best ones utilize space that would otherwise not have a great use. Stuff doesn’t care where it’s kept),
* There are all sorts of extra opportunities (like having people pay to park their big stuff, like RVs and Winnebagos on the extra space you have),

* Next to no full-time staff (you maybe have a manager, cleaner, and an occasional maintenance man — using the automated kiosks to sell the units means you don’t really need anyone there to interact with your clients when they come to visit their stuff — GENIUS!)
* No psycho tenants (it’s just piles of peoples’ stuff),
* No broken toilets (stuff doesn’t need to pee),

* No noise complaints (stuff doesn’t make noise),
* No clogged sewage lines (stuff doesn’t use plumbing),
* No drug-using tenants (it’s just stuff),
* No drug-dealing tenants, (again, it’s just stuff),

* No tenants late paying the rent (because it is all automated to just store the stuff),
* No tenants NOT paying the rent (because then all their stuff inside the unit gets auctioned off),
* No washing machines that don’t work, (stuff might get dusty, but stuff doesn’t care),
* No refrigerators not running (stuff doesn’t need a fridge),
* No worries about not enough water pressure in the shower (stuff don’t need to take a bath),

I love stuff!

Stuff is the perfect tenant.

Stuff is golden.

Wanna get paid from housing some stuff?

All it takes is the motivation to make a financial change, and learn the steps.

So if you’re interested in learning more, come on out so that YOU can learn more about the incredible opportunities that exist right now, in your market, and Scott Meyers will show you how to become wealthy in Real Estate by housing people’s stuff (and WITHOUT all the usual hassles of Tenants, Toilets, and Trash).

Join us THIS SATURDAY Oct 28th from 9am to 1pm at our How to Make Big $ with small storage facilities Masterclass.

It’s all about stuff.

Get the right stuff here:

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