That scene in Breaking Bad…

Do you remember that scene in Breaking Bad?

The one where he has so much money piling up that he can’t keep it in his house any more.

So he goes and gets a Self-Storage Unit and puts it all in there.

That scene makes me smile.

But not for why you might think…

I smile because his rotten meth business is a cash cow, but he chooses to store all his funds in a business that is an easy cash cow for the rest of us.

I’d never do a business as rotten as Heisenberg.

And neither should you.

But you can and should invest in Self-Storage Units.

Because they are indeed a cash cow — and one that comes with no tenants, no toilets, and no trash to deal with.

Skip being a drug kingpin.

Instead make some serious piles of the green stuff from owning Self-Storage Units.

We’re going to show you how at the next Traction REIA meeting.

No cooking required.

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Saturday October 28th at the Sheraton Tysons Corner.

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Tom Zeeb

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