Stay or Leave?

Let’s talk international affairs for a minute (and yes, I’ll tie this into your real estate business…)


That’s what Great Britain should do.

They should exit the European Union. (“Brexit”)

It was never a good idea to begin with.

More government is ALWAYS a bad idea.

20 years ago I was living there.

They were transitioning from a European Community to the European Union.

Giving up their sovereignty.

Diluting their greatness.

Tying a great weight around their neck.

Bad idea.

“Why would you want another layer of government bureaucracy?” I would ask.

“Why would you want bureaucrats from other countries making decisions that affect your everyday life?”

“Why do you want to be politically and economically tied to people who have radically different ways of life when it comes to these things?”

As usual, I was seen as the oddball.

The lone voice that didn’t “get” what the crowd so easily saw.

The urge to think the socialist ideal would actually work was strong. And it was disguised in the usual mask of “helping people” and “ending war”.

It wasn’t long before Brussels was legislating the curvature of a banana. (I’m not joking — bureaucrats attempt to control everything.)

In the years since we’ve seen nothing but one European Union failure after another.

Look at Greece.

Look at Spain.

Look at Portugal.

Look at Ireland.

Look at Cyprus.

And the list will go on…

To save the disasters, it turns into a bailout fest, with the troubled nations taking handouts from the highly productive ones.

Rather than learning to be better by having no choice but to do so, they just take a subsidy and become completely dependent.

This kills the drive to improve.

And when you are dependent, you can be controlled.
(Gosh, do you think that’s what it’s really all about…?)

So what’s the European Union mess have to do with you and your real estate business?

It’s simple.

You need to be independent.

Not dependent or co-dependent.

That means not being burdened with bad debt.

That means being able to make a quick decision when the time is right.

That means being on your own, with no one to hold you back.

Building for yourself.

Calling the shots.

Making it happen.

Something our culture these days isn’t promoting much anymore.

Our schools and our corporate ‘cultures’ all tell us to “get a safe and secure job” and work for retirement.

But what about all that time between birth and retirement?

And what makes a job safe and secure anymore?

There just hasn’t been any evidence that is even true.

So they have us chasing an ideal that doesn’t actually exist.

If you want to break free…

If you want to be in control…

If you want the sky to truly be the limit…

The only answer is to be independent.

Like we were meant to be.




Answering only to the morals that define us and the market forces that drive our businesses.

Not running reports, pushing papers, and fetching coffee for your superiors in return for a measly paycheck and an anemic pension.

When something doesn’t work, when it is proven over and over again not to work, you should move on.


Find a model and a system that do actually work, that has a track record of working, and make it happen.

Socialism doesn’t work.

Never has.

Never will.

(And every time they try to implement it, massive numbers of people get killed.)

Britain has a great history of standing alone, and standing alone against all odds.

The time has come to do it again.

And the time has come to stand alone in your real estate investing business too.

Here’s the system and the model I’ve used for 13+ years to be free and independent:

Tom Zeeb
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