Is it tomorrow, or yesterday today?

“It’s still yesterday at home” is something I said to my wife today.

She was trying to figure out when to make a call to check on a deal she’s working on.

The Australian time zone / dateline shift is confusing.

And it’s already tomorrow here.

Which got me thinking…

You can’t go back, but you can look forward. And you should live for today.

Too many people regret not starting sooner.

(It’s the #2 complaint I hear.)

So start now.

Otherwise you’ll still have the same complaint in the future.

Why wait?

The “perfect” moment never comes.

And time will just continue to pass you by.

At the very least you’ll know for sure if you can make it happen or not.

At the very best you’ll finally be free of your J.O.B., living large with some serious coin, and having tons of fun in the process.

But you have to get started.

Seriously started.

(Not just reading another book or wandering around another website.)

Yesterday’s already gone.

You can’t get it back.

But if you want tomorrow to be better…

You need to start today.

Carpe diem:

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Tom Zeeb
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