Spotting patterns to develop nerves of steel

My agent commented that it took nerves of steel to pull off that last negotiation move.

It made everyone nervous.

But it was actually deeply satisfying for me. In a way that’s hard to describe.

In some ways it was like a giant game of chicken.

Who would flinch first?

I had no intention of giving in, especially as it seemed to be assumed that I should.

I hate being a forgone conclusion.

And the opposite of what’s expected is usually always the correct answer.

Now, if I did indeed lose and needed to have folded my hand, I was prepared to do so.

I would have fallen on my sword, deeply apologized to everyone, and told them I was being pointlessly stubborn and that I would now agree to what they wanted.

But I didn’t think I’d have to do that.

I thought if I just held firm enough, they would fold first.

After all, when negotiating, one has to remember that the other side has just as much pressure on them too.

But it’s hard to remember that in the heat of the moment, and when you don’t want to risk blowing the whole deal.

I can do this because I can keep my ego in check in a healthy way.

Yes, make no doubt about it, one’s ego does come into play.

This can be good, or it can be bad.

You need to stay self-aware enough to know what’s happening and what’s driving your decision making.

Dealing with it all: your ego, their ego, your needs & requirements, their terms, etc, is what I teach my students about how to handle in a negotiation.

No, not every negotiation goes the same.

In fact, I doubt any 2 negotiations are ever exactly the same. Because different people are… different.

But there are patterns.

And learning to spot those patterns, and then knowing what to do for each pattern, is the key to a successful negotiation.

Since there is no two negotiations that go the same, I teach negotiation as a modular system. That way you can stack the various techniques I teach in any order that they are needed.

That’s what I mean by “Modular”.

You can put it all into whatever arrangement you need for any given circumstance.

That makes it much better than being stuck on a script and then not knowing what to do when life inevitably veers away from that script.

Life doesn’t follow a script.

And neither should you.

Instead, learn to be flexible.

Learn to be modular.

So many lessons just in this email. If you know what to look for…

Want more?

I’m going to teach my style of negotiation: Modular Negotiation, this month at Traction REIA.

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#1.  IN-PERSON :: Washington DC Main Monthly Meeting

TOPIC: “Modular Negotiation: Custom techniques for the real estate investor”

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Thursday February 17th IN-PERSON
Westin Tysons Corner
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#2.  IN-PERSON :: Tampa Main Monthly Meeting

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Thursday February 24th IN-PERSON
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#3.  IN-PERSON :: Sarasota Main Monthly Luncheon

TOPIC: “Never Too Nice, Never Too Jerky — Getting the Balance Right when Negotiating”

Friday February 25th IN-PERSON

Gecko’s Grill & Pub
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12Noon to 2pm

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