Snow White and the private money dwarfs

Short message today because I’m getting ready for tonight’s Traction REIA meeting.

1) Have you ever been asked for proof of funds?

2) Or have you ever felt like a dwarf for not having enough money to do a deal?

3) Or has the cost of borrowing money been too high and therefore killed the profit potential of a deal?

If you answered “YES” to any of these, then you should be at tonight’s Traction REIA meeting.

Because you should be Snow White, not a dwarf.

Tonight Alan Cowgill will be teaching How to Raise Private Money.

He’ll also teach you how to comply with all the rules, regulations and restrictions that our wonderful government has put on it (you know they do stick their nose into everything, right…?)

So you need to comply.

Or you’ll get into BIG trouble.

After all, the SEC has almost as many attorneys as the Justice Department.

So just do it right.

Alan will show you how.

Come to “Private Money Made Easy”

Tonight at Traction REIA at 6pm at the Sheraton Hotel in Tysons Corner, VA.

RSVP here:

See you there,
Tom Zeeb

P.S. — Alan is also teaching a full-day seminar on “Private Lending with Family, Friends, Associates & Strangers (with full SEC Compliance)” on Saturday May 20th at the Sheraton Hotel in Tysons Corner.

Seating is limited and demand is already great for this critical topic, so don’t wait, secure your seat now.

Use this link:

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