Silly investor, tricks are for kids

Spending today in the hospital.

Not for me, but my son is having surgery.

Nothing major, thankfully.

But something that if we take care of it now, it will really help him avoid trouble in the future.

And since kids recover super-fast, it’s worth it.

Got me to thinking about how important it is to bounce back quickly.

If you screwed up a deal, or blew an opportunity, or lost money…

Recover fast!

Just like a kid.

Bounce back, and then don’t look back.

Even if you lost money or made bad decisions in the past.

(We all have, so don’t worry about it too much.)

There’s no trick to it, you just have to do it.

Man-up and move on. (Or boy-up as the case may be…)

So don’t wait, just do it now.

I’m not giving medical advice, but this is great business advice.

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