Shore ditch?

“Where we going?”

“No worries. It’s where all the cool kids go these days.”

The black hackney carriage pulled up into London’s East End.

I knew the neighborhood well.

Even though I had never been there.


Because it wasn’t really any different than my own formerly blighted neighborhood back home on the other side of the pond.

It was once a no go zone, now it is hip and happening.

A magnet for all the cool cats.

How does this transformation take place?

The entrepreneurs go first.

They get in there and slowly stay picking away at the blighted properties one at a time.

And one by one, the houses get redone.

One by one the streets start to improve.

Then the general public stays to take notice.

The hip people then move in because it is now safe enough to tolerate, yet still rather edgy.

Then eventually the corporate money moves in, as property is still cheap and there is good building potential.

Before you know it you don’t even recognize the place.

If you want to make good money, you need to learn to spot these types of neighborhoods in advance.

BEFORE everyone else knows their names.

Choosing a great “farm” or target area is a key skill for a real estate entrepreneur of any level.

That’s why I cover this topic in depth at my Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamps and in my Rapid Cash Generator home study system.

Because you need to know how to ID and work your farm.

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