She voted to dissolve the group rather than just not attend

Many moons ago I had an informal lunch with some other investors that we did on a bi-weekly basis.

* We’d talk shop.
* Share what was working.
* And what wasn’t.

It was beneficial to business.

And enjoyable personally.

Occasionally, someone would being a guest.

That was no problem.

Until it grew.

Eventually we decided to bring many guests and turn it into a more formal group.

Next thing you know our informal chew-the-business-fat meeting had a dozen people.

At the very first ‘meeting’ one of the people made a motion to dissolve the group.


You’re basically a guest here for the very first time.

If you don’t like it, just don’t come back.

Why dissolve something you aren’t really even a part of?

Why dissolve something other people got value from?

But she did.

I’ve come to realize it’s a certain personality type that does this sort of thing.

I’ve also come to realize the groups always seem to collapse upon themselves. Too many different people and too many different personalities going off in too many different directions.

Adding people never seems to work. It just gets worse.

In the case of this group all those years ago, the suggestion was like poison. It just killed it for everyone. The value was gone and never came back.

It’s better off to keep your groups small and tightly curated.

This may or may not be valuable to you right now, but I bet someone needed to hear it.

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