Sharing DNA with a sheep


One thing that bothers me is groupthink.

People who follow the herd like sheep.

Not taking conscious action on their own, but just following the crowd.

Even when the crowd isn’t heading in the right direction.

I’ve been acutely aware of this lately as my son has been asking me how to deal with peer pressure at school. (No, he isn’t using that term —  but that’s the name for what he’s asking me about.)

I tell him the basic:
“Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean you should do it too.”

That goes for just thinking what others are thinking too.

Especially these days.

And it’s gotten me thinking about how that’s great advice for an adult who wants to be successful too.

Because you don’t find true success from sharing the DNA of a sheep and just following the crowd.

You do it by cutting your own path.

Breaking free from the crowd.

And leaving them behind.

Just because someone else jumped off a bridge financially, doesn’t mean you have to too.

And yet most people let themselves be held back.

* By concerned family.
* By well-meaning friends.
* By their own lack of self-confidence.

And so they choose to just follow the crowd, repeat the same lines, and blend in so that they don’t rock the boat.

It’s safer to hide in the crowd, and then at least no one can fault you for not getting ahead in life as they are no further ahead either.

So the “safety” in numbers makes you feel better.

But why share the DNA of a sheep when your life can be so much more?

Why share the DNA of a sheep when you can easily do better and have more than what the herd has?

You just need to break free.

Be on your own.

I told my son I value individualism and the individual.

Because that’s what produces massive success. Someone who breaks out of the crowd.

(The crowd, by definition, is not massively successful. And yet the crowd is where people tend to stay…)

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