On Thursday, Scott Meyers showed Traction REIA a “diamond in the rough” investing strategy.

But I don’t think it’s rough at all.

It’s actually quite…


And definitely a diamond in the smooth.

With no tenants, toilets, and trash headaches, those plain-jane boxes are golden. (Or should I say ‘diamond’?)

I know what you are thinking…

Self-storage? Really?


Consider this:
Did you know that “1 in every 5 households needs extra storage space”?

There’re not going to get it by buying a bigger home.

Instead there’re going to rent a storage unit for the long-term and just dump all their precious stuff that they can’t seem to part with in there.

I literally haven’t seen a better time to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in this “down” commercial market – and to be able to do it without using any of your own money makes it even sweeter.

Scott will teach you the deep details this Saturday Oct 28th at our How to Make Big $ with small storage facilities masterclass.

We had a BIG response on Thursday and are almost sold out, so get one of the remaining seats now.

Polish your diamond in the rough here:

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