Look at the photo above.

Isn’t it exciting?


Not. At. All.

It’s actually quite boring.

(As it should be.)

A bunch of garage doors in an empty hallway or in a secure private lot.

That’s what a Self-Storage facility looks like.

But compare it to what most buy-and-hold investor landlords go through:

* Psycho tenants,
* Broken toilets,
* Noise complaints,
* Clogged sewage lines,
* Drug-using tenants,
* Drug-dealing tenants,
* Tenants late paying the rent,
* Tenants NOT paying the rent,
* Busted water heaters,
* Lying tenants,
* Washing machines that don’t work,
* Refrigerators not running,
* Not enough water pressure in the shower,
* Lying about why the rent is late,
* Excuses,
* Excuses,
* Excuses,
* And more excuses.

And the list goes on and on…

So making money from a boring hallway full of garage doors that house people’s extra “stuff” isn’t a bad thing.

It’s a good thing.

a *VERY* good thing.

Sure, it isn’t “glamorous” in the traditional sense.

But it also isn’t drama-filled.

It just makes money.

Day and night.

Without the headaches of having tenants.

So hear ye this:
If you want glamour and drama…

Go somewhere else.

If you want solid profits from an investment that’s a cash-cow,

Go here:

#1.  Ditching the Terrible T’s (tenants, toilets, trash)  How to Make Big $ with small storage facilities!

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#2.  How to Make Big $ with small storage facilities

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See you there!

Tom Zeeb

Traction REIA:
9+ Year Recipient of the National REIA “Honors of Merit”
and the “Award of Excellence”
For Best Real Estate Investor Association!

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