Which one of the 20+?

It’s all about having choices.

Then you can decide which one is best for you.

Or which ONES are best for you.

Diversifying your income just makes sense because then you can’t go broke if one element stops producing like it used to (like say, a JOB…)

You can also diversify within one of your chosen niches.

This insulates it from collapse as well.

Remember that the great Dan Kennedy says: the Number 1 is the most dangerous number. Because if you have only 1 thing of ANYthing, you can lose it fast (and through no fault of your own).

So what if you had 20+ one-things?

Would that gives you a high degree of protection?

Survey says:

Scott Meyers will show you how to maximize the 20+ Profit Centers available in Self Storage to maximize cash flow and create value that isn’t available in any other form of real estate.

He’ll share how he takes “Cinderella facilities” and turns them into the “Belles of the Ball” and how he has created $ millions doing so.

All on Saturday from 9am to 1pm at our How to Make Big $ with small storage facilities Masterclass.

It’s one thing that is well-worth your time.

Make it happen here:

Tom Zeeb

Traction REIA:
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and the “Award of Excellence”
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