Self-interest is not selfish

My sharp message yesterday irritated a few people.
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Please remove me from your mailing list. Most of what you said in your email I agree with. But, I don’t agree with your delivery. That’s what is wrong with the world today. If we’re not getting paid then we don’t want to help anyone.


Yup, the freebie-seeking crowd always objects.

In my not-very-humble, but accurate opinion, what’s wrong with the world today is that too many people think things should be free.

And this is what screws everything up.

Things cost money, and if you don’t pay for them, then someone else has to. There’s absolutely no way around that.

In a free market system, when you help someone, you get helped in return via payment.

It’s value for value.

And then both sides win.

Far from being selfish, both sides are happy because they acted in their own best interests and therefore both sides won.

If either side felt like they were losing, then they wouldn’t willingly participate.

Ah yes, the invisible hand is hard at work. (Yet so many still try to deny it.)

When I’m paid for my mentoring and coaching services, I can help more people succeed… And those people can help more and more people because they’re being paid… And so on, and so forth…

But wait!  Isn’t it better to just give from the heart?

It depends on what type of payment you are seeking.

The payment one gets in return need not be cold-hard cash.

It can be gratitude or pleasure too.

Some people want to think they are acting selflessly if they don’t take payment, but it simply isn’t the case.

Even with pure charity the giver is getting something of value in return: They are getting the satisfaction and/or pleasure of helping someone.

So it is never purely altruistic.

(If they think so, they are lying to themselves. Feeling good about yourself or feeling good about what you’ve done for others is a form of value and therefore payment.)

Is this a rant or a real estate business lesson?

It’s both.

Since basic economic understanding is sorely lacking these days, I see this as a great opportunity to point out the basics that are so missing from today’s education and the general mindset.

Profit has been demonized rather than celebrated.

(That’s the true scandal. And a dangerous mistake.)

When you focus on building a profitable business, helping people will naturally occur.

And since your business will be profitable, it’ll actually be sustainable.

And then you’ll be able to help more people too.

But if you stay broke,

And if you wait for yet another handout,

Then you’ll never make the impact you want to make.

People’s lives improve when they join my mentoring program. They become independently able to take care of themselves and their families.

And when they are successful, they improve the lives of motivated sellers by helping them out of rough situations. These people then move on better off for having met my students.

It’s win-win-win all the way around.

So if you are ready to invest in yourself, and you aren’t afraid to build a business that earns profits from helping people with their real estate problems, then let’s talk.

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