Dealing with those self-destructive tendencies

My last message struck a chord with many ( )

“Tom, the rabbit hole of just how stupid and ineffective people are goes deep. I know at some point I’ll be happy once I get more control of my life (more $) but making money in real estate has shown me so many crappy people, yet inspiring people as well, and after a while you look back and realize… just because you got better, doesn’t mean everyone else did. It’s all perspective, and I know this is just a growing pain… but yeah that email really resonates. We had to fire our title company over similar stuff. Man.. I look up to you a lot because I know you must have gone through similar stuff on your ascent.” — Name withheld by request


Glad my message “spoke” to you.

You’ll find that it isn’t all bad.

You’ll just get pickier and choosier who you work with, and that’s a good thing.

You’ll also develop a sense in advance for who is worth their salt and who’s a screwball.

To be honest, sometimes it’ll still be tiring looking around and seeing all the masses and so-called experts that just don’t get it.

But you’ll also find those in your niche that do, and then you’ll just focus there.

My advice?

Enjoy the ride up!

Yes, it has it’s twists and turns at times.

But the ride is well worth it in the end because the rewards are fabulous.

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