See me in Seattle

I’ve been quiet this week.

There are a couple of reasons why…

I’m in Seattle speaking at the Real Estate Investors of Puget Sound (REAPS) meeting tonight (Thursday).

If you are in Seattle, then come out and see me in person. We’re going to have a fun and info-packed event tonight!

Go to:

I’m also doing a full-day training for REAPS on Saturday.

We’re going to focus on the ultimate Rapid Cash Generator: Wholesaling Real Estate!

I’ll walk you through the entire process “A to Zeeb”.

You’ll learn how to quickly generate incoming from flipping properties wholesale.

This is perfect for:
A. Anyone who needs extra cash,
B. Rehabbers or landlords who need to suppliment their business income,
C. Beginners who need to get their feet wet with minimal risk,
D. People looking for a simple technique that gives them a great lifesyle.

Reserve your seat for Saturday — Go to:

The other reasons I’ve been quiet this week I’ll tell you about next week…

‘Til then…

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors