One of “those” weeks

Let me explain my absence lately…

(And thank you to those who wrote to me to check on me. I’m fine. It was just an unscheduled hiatus.)

It’s been one of “those” weeks.

Here’s what happened:

All the school closures and general shutdowns due to snow in my area lately annoy me.

I know some of it is because I’m from Buffalo, NY and we’re used to snow and we just handle it.

Simply get up earlier, shovel out, and carry on.

(And obviously be careful driving and walking around.)

Where I live now in DC we seem to shut school and the federal government down at the very first sign of snow.

Even with comically small amounts of snow.

Yes, everyone will scream “safety” as the reason. But if colder parts of the country manage to keep getting on with life, why can’t we?

We’re teaching our kids to quit at the first sign of trouble rather than learn how to deal with it appropriately.

It’s like there can be no risk in life.

And then we wonder why businesses fail and entrepreneurs struggle to launch.

There is no understanding of the interplay between risk and reward. Everything is supposed to just be “safe”.

Perhaps we’ve taught everyone to quickly fold at the first sign of trouble rather than to keep fighting through until the reward is EARNED?

Well school might have off, and the government might shut down, but business doesn’t have that option (and shouldn’t).

So when my kid was off from school for yet another day last week, I had no choice but to take him to a real estate settlement with me.

It was his first time at a closing.

Can’t say he really had any clue what was happening.

And watching his parents sign a bunch of papers couldn’t have been very exciting.

But it always is for me.

Immediately after I dashed off to the airport.

Flew to Seattle to conduct my Rapid Cash Generator training.

Sitting in the United Lounge at the airport, my laptop just went dead.

Not usually a problem, as I just roll to backup, but the backup died the day before and I didn’t have time to replace it.

(What are the chances of double complete failure?)

Because of the way I run my technical operation with a combination of seamless data backup methods, all my data was completely safe.

Now I just needed a new machine to access and restore it.

That was the easy part.

Adjusting to the new Windows 8 interface in a time-crunch before a presentation wasn’t exactly a joy, but I’m still alive.

214 people enjoyed what I taught them and learned how to prosper from it.

And since people loved it and I got a great response, I’m going to conduct my full 2-day bootcamp there later in the year, probably in the summer.

If you are interested in attending or if you are on the west coast, simply reply to this email and let me know and I’ll be sure you get early notification (and a special discount rate).

And, no matter where you live, if you want to learn how to build your own Rapid Cash Generator, let’s talk.

I can help you if:
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Tom Zeeb
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